Laser and Modern Dentistry Practices

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Laser Dentist Los Angeles Probably, you are aware that they exist on your computer, DVD player and even your favorite supermarket checkout line. Recently, laser technology has found itself right at the center of modern dentistry practice. For several years now, dentists have taken advantage of lasers to detect and administer effective treatment of various […]

How Emergency Dentistry Can Impact Your Smile

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Emergency Dentist Los Angeles Sometimes, things happen when we least expect them. It is only bearable when such things are positive or have favorable impacts. Otherwise, they are considered catastrophic and regarded as emergencies. Knocking your tooth while walking down a slippery staircase can be one such scenario. How best can you get help in […]

How can Dental Fillings Help Your Smile?

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Dental Fillings Los Angeles Extensive tooth decay can result in massive erosion of your teeth. In most cases, the dentist removes the decayed part of the teeth and fills it with a suitable substance. This procedure is what is termed as a dental filling. At Wilshire Smile Studio, we present our clients with multiple options […]

Tooth Extraction Procedures Made Easy

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Tooth Extraction Los Angeles No one likes losing his or her natural teeth. However, sometimes it becomes necessary removing a tooth or set of teeth for one to resume his normal life. Tooth extraction is a dental procedure that comes handy under several circumstances. At Wilshire Smile Studio, we offer seamless tooth extraction Los Angeles […]