aser technology has completely revolutionized many aspects of dentistry. Laser treatment allows for precise, non- invasive, deep treatment that minimizes discomfort and sensitivity and speeds healing time. Some procedures, such as laser whitening, can be completed in a single office visit.

Laser treatment can be used for:

• Killing bacteria and speeding recovery after deep cleaning treatments for periodontal disease
• Fast, in-office teeth whitening
• Early detection of cavities
• Removal of cavities
• Removal of benign growths and scar tissue
• Reshaping the gumline
• Normalizing dark spots on the gumline
• Reducing discomfort from TMJ
• Reducing pain and speeding the healing of fever blisters, ulcers, and cold sores without scarring
• Removal of the frenulum – the strip of tissue that connects the lip to the gumline –to help alleviate gaps
• Between the teeth, precent receding of the gumline, and improve orthodontic results
• Removal of bacteria-prone pockets of tissue around wisdom teeth
• Stimulation and restoration of damaged nerves