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Are you in need of a dentist in Los Angeles?

Wilshire Smile Studio is just the place for you. We are an established dental facility that has your smile as our number one concern. Our clinic is fitted with the latest technology available in the market, and our setting is designed to make you feel safe and at home as our personnel get into the task of solving your dental needs. Below have been discussed the range of services we offer to our patients.

Preventive Dentistry

Prevention is always better than cure. That is why instead of concentrating on the treatment of dental conditions, we love to put more emphasis on avoiding the occurrence of the same. Our dentists recommend daily brushing and flossing of teeth. This is the surest way to get rid of the foods that get stuck between the teeth and that way, the chances of infection are greatly reduced. You can also book routine checkups. Checkups are essential as it is in doing them that any underlying condition can be detected and treated before they develop into bigger complications.

Emergency Care

Wilshire Smile Studio operates on a 24-hour basis. That means that no matter your time of dental emergency, you’ll always find our staff available to treat your condition. Common emergencies are terrible toothaches that need instant relief to put you back in shape. You can get several pain meds from our stores, and you are sure to be relieved of your pain in minutes.

In case of extraction, you can also be booked in for a procedure immediately without the need to be scheduled for a later day. Say for instance that you have lost your teeth today and you need a replacement before getting to work on the next day. By paying us a visit, we can put you on a simple procedure that will restore your lost teeth in a matter of 1 hour. So you can resume work the next day with a complete set of teeth, and it will be as though nothing happened.

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry refers to dental procedures meant to repair your teeth and restore your teeth to their optimal condition. Some of the restorative dental procedures we offer at our clinic are dental fillings for cavities, temporary crown replacements, both for kids and adults, root canal treatment, and nerve treatment.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We also have solutions for patients who’d like to improve the appearance of their teeth and consequently, enhance their smile. We have an array of available options for you, such as veneers, teeth whitening procedures, Invisalign aligners, and many others. We also have the latest technology at our practice, and you can be sure to get quality dental care from us.


No matter the severity of whatever dental concern you may be having, you are welcome to try our dentist in Los Angeles as your reliable solution. Book an appointment with us today and let our qualified staff take care of your dental woes.

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