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Common causes for tooth extraction

Dental treatment usually incorporates various procedures depending on the dental condition of the client. In most cases, however, dentists opt for tooth extraction since it is recommended for extensive teeth damage. Tooth extraction Los Angeles is one of the most common dental treatment procedures available in dental offices across the city. It can be performed by average dentists who haven’t specialized further in surgical procedures. However, some tooth extractions may require special attention depending on how the tooth is placed and where it is located. In any case, tooth extraction should be performed by dental professionals. LA dentist offers skilled dentists who can perform tooth extraction services for any kind of teeth.

Reasons for tooth extraction

TMany incidences may necessitate the need for tooth extraction. Some reasons are for dental treatment while others are for aesthetic purposes. Here are some of the main common reasons for tooth extraction in Los Angeles.

Impacted teeth

Impacted teeth are wisdom teeth that grow at the very back of the dental structure. Normally, these wisdom teeth grow when we are already adults, unlike other natural teeth. This may cause them to lack enough space to appropriately grow and become functional. In such a case, the tooth becomes impacted. This is when the tooth is unable to grow out of the gum line and sticks out halfway above the gum. Such teeth are not usually effective and instead can cause pain and uneasiness during chewing. Tooth extraction Los Angeles is almost always requested for impacted teeth. Since the teeth are usually submerged into the gum, the dentist or oral surgeon may have to cut through the gum to access the tooth. If necessary, they may also have to cut the bone underneath so that the impacted tooth can be removed easily.

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth grow at the back of the jaws and are usually larger than other teeth. That said, these teeth tend to lack enough space to grow to cause them to affect the alignment of adjacent teeth. In such a case, tooth extraction is recommended to reduce the impact of the wisdom teeth on other teeth. Similarly, the wisdom teeth may lead to crowded teeth if unattended to. Since the teeth are larger than normal teeth, they can push other teeth causing them to be crowded on one side of the mouth. Wisdom teeth can be problematic for the oral structure and may need to be extracted. LA dentist provides top-notch services for tooth extraction within the city.

Decayed teeth

Teeth that are extremely decayed or rotten may need to be extracted. Tooth decay that is caused by infections may need to be removed since it may spread to the gum and cause tooth sensitivity. Consequently, if the tooth is damaged beyond repair and causing the patient pain due to decay, tooth extraction is normally recommended. The dentists can also recommend tooth extraction instead of root canal treatment which is more costly and longer to complete. With tooth extraction, you no longer have to worry about your ailing tooth.

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Common causes for tooth extraction

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