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Gum Doctor Los Angeles

Non-Surgical Gum Doctor Therapies

This is the first category of gum treatment. As the name suggests, there is no need any surgical operation, and they include the following.

Scaling And Root Planning Made A By Gum Doctor

This non-surgical procedure involves scraping away of tartar and plaque from above and below the jawline (scaling), as well as smoothing of the rough spots of the roots of teeth (planning).

All these are done while the patient is under an anesthetic. The importance of the smoothing is to remove bacteria and enhance the reattachment of the gum to the teeth. This procedure is mainly done the gum doctor Los Angeles has determined that you have plaque and tartar.

Dental Cleaning Done By Gum Doctor In Los Angeles

This is one of the many procedures that many people don’t know that exist. During your dental visit, it is the work of the orthodontist to check for any signs of any gum disease. If any, they may recommend a dental cleaning to be done twice a year. Such cleansing is aimed at fighting any accumulation of bacteria.

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Surgical Gum Doctor Treatments

To effectively treat some gum diseases, a surgical operation is necessary. Such include:

Bone Grafts Done By A Gum Doctor

In this procedure, the main idea is to restore the part of the jawbone destroyed by gum disease. This can be done using synthetic bone, your own, or one that has been donated. This is essential in strengthening the jaw so that it can be sufficient for its tasks like eating.

Flap Surgery In Los Angeles By A Gum Doctor

There are similarities between this procedure and the one under non-surgical treatments – scaling and root planning. The gum doctor Los Angeles will remove the spaces between the jaw and the tooth to avert any possibility of bacteria building up. As such, it is commonly known as pocket reduction surgery.

Gum Doctor Bone surgery

Bacteria usually find the craters on the tooth to accumulate and start decomposing the tooth. This makes it important to smooth the craters to remove such a possibility. Bone surgery comes after flap surgery to make sure that there is no room for bacteria to form plaque.

Soft Tissue Grafts Done By Gum Doctor Los Angeles

Just like it is the case for the bone grafting, soft tissue grafting involves adding tissue to the affected area. When the gum gets receded due to an infection, tissue from other parts of the mouth, mostly the roof of the mouth is taken and attached to the affected area. The gum doctor Los Angeles would recommend this procedure in the instance that the patient has the roots of the teeth showing, a condition is known as “long teeth.”

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