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We, at Wilshire Smile Group, are a team of professional dentists that are dedicated to providing the best dental solutions for you and your family. With our services ranging from simple dental procedures such as teeth extractions and refilling of cavities to the more complex procedures of dental implants, you can get any dental procedure at our facility. All of our procedures are medically approved and certified to be safe for patients. Below are some of the common services that you can get at our Los Angeles clinic.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are basically metallic screws that we surgically insert into your jawbone. These screws are meant to take the place of your teeth’s roots and they provide the required reinforcement and support required for the attachment of replacement crowns. If you happen to lose your natural teeth, either by accident or after a surgical extraction, you would need dental implants if you are to get other replacement teeth that will just be as effective as your natural teeth. The procedure of inserting the implants is intrusive and you’ll have to be put under anesthesia, either general or local, to ensure that you experience no pain during the operation.


Veneers are another popular treatment that we offer at our dentistry Los Angeles clinic. These are thin shells made of composite matter that is designed to perfectly fit the front surface of your teeth. Veneers are able to cover any defect that your teeth may have and provide a nice appeal of perfect teeth. Veneers can be used to solve issues of discoloring, chipped crowns, crooked teeth, basically any aesthetic defect that any of your teeth may have. During the application of the treatment, our dentist begins by examining your teeth and taking their exact measurement. They then prepare the veneers to perfectly fit your teeth and solve whatever specific defect the tooth may be having thus giving the appearance of perfect teeth.


We also have a new type of invisible aligners that go by the brand name Invisalign. This is a solution for patients that may have issues with the alignment of their teeth. The Invisalign aligners are fitted onto your affected teeth and they work by slowly pulling the teeth together towards their preferred position. The advantage that Invisalign has over the traditional aligners is that they are removable so you can wear them on and off as you go through your daily activities. The fact that they are invisible is also a plus as it means that no one will be able to tell when you are wearing them. You will, therefore, be comfortable smiling in public throughout the public.

Dental Checkups

We also provide dental checkups for our patients. This is an important practice that our dentists recommend as it is during this routine checkups, that we evaluate your teeth for any conditions that may be growing. That way we are able to notice any illnesses that may be developing and we are able to stop them before they develop into serious conditions that would be malicious in the future.

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Have you tried our dentistry Los Angeles options?

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