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Welcome to Wilshire Smile Studio where you will meet with la dentists who are highly qualified. Our team of dentists are very friendly and really dedicated to offering you the best dental services. At our clinic, patients’ comfort and happiness is our number one priority. Our dentists are among the world’s best dental professionals.

Our dentists offer different dentistry services, including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and many others. Our dentists are a concern with the patients’ happiness, we, therefore, offer our dental services at affordable charges.

Our services as well are highly customized to suit each and every patient seeking dental treatment at our clinic.


Wilshire smile studio dentists

Dr. Igal Elyassi is one of the best dentists that we have. He is also the founder of our clinic. He is one of the most respected la dentists. He is the president of service fraternity of dentists in Los Angeles. He is also a board advisor for magazine doctor of Los Angeles dentistry. He has also been featured as one of the most esteemed practitioners in southern California.

As a founder of our clinic, he has gained a reputation in hiring a most qualified dentist. He has also provided continuing education to the hired dentist. We also have a highly specialized team of dentists working in our clinic. Dr. Twersky is our cosmetic dentist, dr. Nariman Saadat is our oral surgeon and dr. Fariba Matinfer is our periodontist here at Wilshire Smile Studio.


Services offered at Wilshire Smile Studio

Since we have the most specialized team of la dentists, we, therefore, offer a wide range of dental services. Our specialized dentist, dr. Twersky offers cosmetic dentistry. Our cosmetic dentist specializes in Invisalign, whitening, veneers, crowns, implants, bridges and dentures, bonding, inlays and on lays and gum sculpting. If you want to improve your appearance, visit us today for the best cosmetic dentistry. Our oral surgeon dr. Nariman is specialized in the following oral surgery procedures.

They include; removal of wisdom teeth, tooth extraction, dental implants, exposure of unerupted teeth, apicoectomies, oral cancer treatment and biopsies, root coverage and Botox therapy. Our specialized periodontists, dr. Fariba offers laser treatments, gum graft surgery. Dental implants are fitting and scaling.


Why Wilshire Smile Studio?

There are so many reasons why you should visit us for dental treatment. First, we have a team of the best la dentists. Our dentists are highly qualified. As we recruit our dentist, we select the most qualified, highly skilled and most experienced dentists.  We also offer further training to our dentist. This is to ensure that they are capable of handling the most recent and advanced technologies. Our dentists are dedicated, friendly and approachable.

Moreover, we have acquired the best facilities for our clinic. We are concerned with your comfort, that is why we offer sedative dentistry during surgeries. Our dentists are known to be exceptional la dentists. This is because we ensure that our patients walk out smiling.  After treatment we offer guidance on the best dental practices to adopt, and preventive dentistry as well.

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Highly Qualified LA Dentists

La dentists Welcome to Wilshire Smile Studio where you will meet with la dentists...


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