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How to know that you have TMJ disorder?

TMJ is an oral condition affecting the jaw bone that causes the patient a lot of pain and discomfort when moving the jaw. The temporomandibular joint disorder is characterized by a sharp pain at the end of the jaw when the person chews, yawns or moves the jaw frequently. Cases of TMJ Los Angeles are quite a number with most people requiring orthodontic treatment to curb the disorder. Most people, however, are not aware that they may be having TMJ. It is essential to visit a dentist if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort in your jaw as you chew. For the best temporomandibular joint disorder treatment and diagnosis, you can visit Wilshire Smile Studio. They have well trained dental professionals who are ready to treat most of your orthodontic issues.

Diagnosis of TMJ

A sharp pain typically characterizes the temporomandibular joint disorder at the turning point of the jaw. On the face, you will feel pain at the front of the ear. Before getting treatment for TMJ Los Angeles, the dentist has to assess whether the condition is, in fact, TMJ and the extent of the condition regarding pain and bone damage. The dentist may ask you to do a couple of jaw exercises to find out the source of the pain. Also, a previous history will need to be taken so that the dentist can assess the probable cause of the TMJ disorder. TMJ can sometimes be very painful and uncomfortable to the individual. In some cases, it may hinder the individual from participating in day to day activities due to the constant pain experienced.

Causes of TMJ disorder

TMJ can either be caused by physical injury or another physical disease or condition. If someone is hit strongly at the jaw, it may cause the disk supporting the temporomandibular joint to shift thus causing a lot of pain during chewing. Alternatively, the disorder may be due to damage of the joint cartilage due to arthritis. Since arthritis affects the bones directly, it can cause the TMJ to become poorly functional making chewing become painful. A TMJ disorder may also be caused by increased wear and tear of the joint leading to a shift in the disk therein. Such cases are quite rare but are not entirely impossible.

Risk factors of TMJ disorder

You can consult a professional dentist at Wilshire Smile Studio to know whether your activities put you at risk of getting TMJ disorder. Some of the most common risk factors include jaw injuries. Boxers and other fighters may easily contract TMJ disorder due to constant hits on the jaw. A case of arthritis may also lead to a TMJ disorder. Most cases of TMJ Los Angeles are usually as a result of mild cases of arthritis. There are various types of arthritis some of which may increase the chances of a TMJ disorder. Conditions affecting connective tissue may also cause a TMJ disorder by affecting tissue in the joint. It is important to visit the dentist to assess the cause of TMJ disorder.

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