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Metallic screws in Dental implants

Dental implants Los Angeles

Dental implants refer to metallic screws, made of titanium, that is surgically inserted in a patient’s jawbone. Titanium is the same metal that is used in hip replacement and other such procedures.

The dental implants are meant to take the place of the teeth’s natural roots and as such, provide the necessary stability and support for the attachment of false teeth. Wilshire Smile Studio is one dental practice in Los Angeles that specializes in dental implant procedures.

Whether you need replacement of one tooth or the entire arc of your jaw, implants are the best way to go. We have experienced oral surgeons and the best dental equipment and technology available in the market, to give you the best dental implants Los Angeles has to offer.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most effective solution for people seeking to replace their lost teeth. They have a few advantages over other alternatives such as dentures and bridges. Since the dental implants are inserted into the jawbone, the crowns attached as replacement teeth are held firmly in place. This ensures that there is no risk of them slipping or falling off, which sometimes happens with dentures.

They also do not shift uncomfortably in the mouth, hence they feel natural in the mouth, and basic functionalities of the mouth such as talking are not affected. Finally, unlike dentures which have to be supported by adjacent teeth, with dental implants, each of the replacement teeth supports itself by its own. This gives one a natural feel of comfort, just as though they had natural teeth. It also becomes easier to maintain oral hygiene as you can comfortably brush your teeth the same way you would on your natural teeth. With proper care of the replacement teeth, they can last just as long as the natural teeth, thanks to the implants bonded into the jawbone.


When you visit Wilshire Smile Studio for your dental implants in Los Angeles, our dentist begins by giving you a dental assessment. This is to figure out the extent of damage on your teeth and to know if you are fit for the operation. In case you have a condition that may deem it unsafe for you to undergo surgery, the operation may be postponed for a later time, or it could also be done away with, and alternative methods are used. Such conditions are such as chronic diseases such as diabetes or issues to do with gingivitis.

However, if you are healthy enough, our oral surgeon gets into the task of inserting the implants. You will be administered with anesthesia to ensure you experience no pain. By the surgical method, the implants are placed deep into the jawbone. With time, the gum heals over the implants, covering them up, leaving posts from the implants protruding over the gums. This is where the false teeth are then attached. After a week or so of recovery, you will have completely healed, and your new teeth will serve your dental needs, both in structure as well as in functionality.

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