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Our Los Angeles Dentist at Wilshire Smile Group offers:

Los Angeles Dentist

Our Los Angeles Dentist at Wilshire Smile Group offers a number of specialized dental services to solve the various dental needs that you may have. Regardless of the condition that your teeth are in, he is capable of providing the most suitable option for you and keeping you at your optimal dental health.

Teeth Extractions

Teeth extractions are the most common procedure that our Los Angeles dentist provides. Though most people are afraid of extractions and prefer to opt-out of those, there are a few conditions that demand the procedure as it sometimes is the most suitable method of treatment. Such cases are as those of badly damaged or decayed teeth.

If any of your teeth are too decayed to be salvaged in any way, our dentist prefers to extract it and replace it with another one. Our clinic is fitted with the latest dental equipment available in the market today and with these, most of our procedures have become really efficient. You also do not have to worry about pain since we have the best anesthesia to comfortably take you through the treatment, pain-free.

Root Canal

The root canal is yet another option for patients with decaying teeth. This is the preferred method for patients that are hesitant to lose their natural tooth. With a root canal, our Los Angeles dentist digs into the patient’s gum and gets to the root of the affected tooth. Here they cut off the nerve joining the crown to the root and with this simple procedure the spread of the infection is hindered.

The dentist then refills the tooth to regain its structure and since the tooth no longer has “life”, the bacteria causing the decay eventually die and the patient gets to save their tooth from further damage.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Our dentist also offers wisdom teeth removal for those patients that are experiencing discomfort due to their sprouting. In many cases, by the time the wisdom teeth are growing, the rest of the teeth have all fully matured and taken up most of the space in the mouth. Therefore, as the wisdom teeth begin to grow, which occurs when one gets to their 20s, they have no space to grow into and s such they become impacted in the gums.

This caused pain during chewing as the affected area becomes overly sore. Since you do not really need the wisdom teeth, we recommend their extraction and this is able to stop further pain and discomfort.

Teeth Whitening Procedures

We also offer teeth whitening procedures at our dental clinic. Currently, we have two options available for our patients. Depending on your preference, you can either opt for our in-clinic treatment which makes use of laser technology to whiten your teeth at the clinic or the bleaches and teeth whiteners that you can also purchase and apply yourself at home.

Though the bleaches take a bit longer to achieve the results as you’ll have to constantly apply them on your teeth for up to a period of three weeks, after the treatment is over, you will have completely gotten rid of the stains and achieved that natural white color.

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