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Services offered by periodontists

A periodontist deals with gum related dental conditions. Unlike regular dentists, periodontists usually undergo extra training and specialization in periodontology to be certified to treat gum related disorders. Since periodontists are specialized further than average dentists, they can perform a wide variety of dental services including oral diagnoses, prevention, and treatment of most common dental conditions. If you intend on visiting a dentist for dental concerns, you can opt for a periodontist Los Angeles to know which treatment services you may need. LA dentist offers some of the most competent periodontists in the city.

Services offered by periodontists

Periodontists, like any other oral surgeon, are certified to perform various dental treatment procedures. Today, periodontists use contemporary methods of dental treatment that are designed to make the dental procedures faster and more effective. Here are several of the most common services offered by periodontists.

Laser treatment for gum disease

Every periodontist Los Angeles has upgraded to modern methods of dental treatment like laser treatment. This laser treatment has proven to be more convenient and effective in treating gum disease. During treatment, the periodontist uses a specific wavelength of the laser machine to rid of gum disease in the patient. Since this procedure may have some detrimental effects, it is essential for the patient to consult the periodontist concerning the side effects of laser treatment before the procedure. LA dentist offers laser treatment for dental conditions as well as professional periodontists for the treatment.

Gum graft surgery

Gum graft surgery is a dental procedure aimed at reducing gum recession in the mouth. Gum recession makes the root of the tooth to be exposed making it vulnerable to infection and sensitivity from extremely hot or cold substances. Periodontists Los Angeles performs gum graft surgery to improve the health of the tooth and the surrounding gum. During treatment, the periodontist cuts out a piece of gum from the recommended palate in your mouth and uses it to fill the spaces left by uneven gum formation along the teeth. While gum graft surgery is a tool for dental treatment, it can also be applied for its cosmetic qualities. By replacing the gum at the base of the tooth, the patient gets a more appealing look and appearance.

Fitting dental implants

Periodontists, like oral surgeons, can perform dental implant fitting. A dental implant is an artificial tooth replacement that is usually drilled into the jaw bone to act as a permanent natural tooth. A dental implant usually requires the root of the implant to be fit inside a hole in the jawbone for it to be firm and strong. This procedure can take about 6 weeks for the wound to heal around the implant. The periodontist will inform you of any precautions you should take when waiting for the wound to heal completely.


Scaling involves cleaning up the root of the tooth to avoid the spread of bacteria or infection within the tooth. This procedure is usually performed by a periodontist and does not require surgical skills. Removing plaque from the surface of the root improves the health of the tooth and the general oral health of the patient.

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Services offered by periodontists

A periodontist deals with gum related dental conditions. Unlike regular dentists, periodontists usually undergo...

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