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Specialized dentist Los Angeles

Are not sure of where to seek dental treatment for your dental complication?

Be sure today by visiting us at Wilshire Smile Studio. Here we offer any kind of dental treatment. Your dental health is very important, that is why we are always available to give you the best dental treatment.

For each of the dentistry service, we have a specialized dentist in Los Angeles. We believe that specialized and customized dentistry is important to each patient. The following are some of the services that our dentists offer at our clinic:


General dentistry

Since we are concerned about your general body wellness, our holistic dentist Los Angeles is not only concerned about your oral health but also entire body health. From research, we are aware that bacteria that cause tooth decay are responsible for causing other diseases. Such diseases include; diabetes, cancer, and even cardiovascular diseases.


Preventive dentistry

At our clinic, we believe that preventive dentistry is very important. We, therefore, have introduced screening services to our clients.

We also have a dentist los Angeles who is highly specialized in preventive dentistry. Dr. Elyassi uses the most advanced technologies as well as creating good dental practice awareness to every patient as preventive dental measure. Preventive cleaning also includes periodontal cleaning. Advanced dental cleaning involves the removal of large amounts of plague and tartar that have accumulated in your teeth. Periodontal cleaning is used to treat gums so as to prevent periodontal diseases. Our dentist Los Angeles uses X-rays to diagnose any dental problems that may be developing. Ensure that you visit us constantly for screening and checkups.


Cosmetic dentistry

We are concerned about your smile, and that is why here at Wilshire Smile Studio we offer exceptional cosmetic dentistry. If you have any misaligned teeth, cracked or even chipped teeth, then you should visit cosmetic dentist los Angeles. Our dentist, Dr. Twersky offers a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services.

He is an expert in fixing dentures, and partial dentures, bridges, crowns, dental implants, veneers and he even treat TMJ disorders. Dr. Twersky offers personalized and really comfortable cosmetic dental care. You can improve your look today by having us whiten your teeth today.

Moreover, we align your misaligned teeth using the best aligning materials. Invisalign unlike other aligning materials are invisible and also takes a shorter time to give the best result. We have the best dentist Los Angeles who will restore your smile today.

Periodontal Dentistry

Dr. Fariba is our specialized periodontal dentist Los Angeles. She is specialized in treating gum diseases. At our clinic, we offer noninvasive to minimally invasive gum treatment. These treatments are meant to reduce gum infections and hence prevent other serious dental infections.

As part of gum treatment, we do trim excess gum tissues that may harbor gum bacteria. Trimming also improves your smile as well. We have the best gum treatment as we have the right gum treatment tools and dentist. Visit us today to receive the best periodontal dentistry. You smile counts and that is why we are here for you.

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