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Teeth in One Day Beverly Hills

Nothing is comparable to a warm, genuine smile. It takes away all the hard feelings, leaving behind a joyful heart and happy being. For some people, however, displaying a genuine smile is not possible due to a missing set of front teeth. Initially, most people resorted to living in constant embarrassment because the dental treatments took so long.

Many people do not like the idea of visiting dental clinics several times. At Wilshire Smile Studio, we understand the feeling. That is why we offer Teeth in One Day Beverly Hillsimplants. With this, you can get an awesome smile in as little as one day. Nothing could be more reassuring than this!

Simple procedure, great results

Dental implants do not have to be complicated for them to be effective. Although we take advantage of the latest technological developments, we are always keen on ensuring our clients undergo simple yet effective procedures. After the initial assessment, our highly skilled professional will place the base of the dental implants, followed by designing a set of fitting replacements. This will be used in filling the missing teeth. They have a natural look to ensure you preserve the integrity of your smile.

Experienced doctors at your service

For something as sensitive as same day dental implants, you do not need someone who is trying. Instead, you need qualified practitioners with extensive years of experience on the same. That is exactly what we provide at Wilshire Smile Studio. Our professionals are well trained. With over 40, 000 successful dental implant procedures to their names, you can sit back and be certain of an awesome experience when you approach us. Our doctors are not just interested in filling your missing teeth.

Instead, we are also passionate about ensuring you retain a great sense of physical appeal. Our dental implants fit so naturally and perfectly, just the way you want it! Given past procedures and tremendous customer satisfaction rates, you are bound to love the experience and the results as well.

A different experience

For those who are used to traditional dental implants, you certainly have several questions in mind. With the traditional dental implants, the procedure used to take at least two visits. In the first visit, the doctor will assess the situation and place the base of the dental implant into your jaw. There was a need for the dental implant to secure into place, a process known as osseointegration. After the dental implant base is secured in the jawbone, one would be expected to come for the second visit to finalize the process.

During this visit, the doctor would secure the crown to the firmly fixed jawbone. Our Teeth in One Day Beverly Hills experience is different. You will get everything sorted out immediately on the first visit. To ensure the process is fast and seamless, we have a team of readily available professionals. With their skills and sense of diligence, you cannot expect anything short of perfect outcomes. You can book an appointment with us today for confirmations!

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