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The people behind “Wilshire Smile Studio”

LA Dentist

Welcome to Wilshire Smile Group. We are a team of certified dentists operating in Los Angeles. Our practice has been running for close to a decade now and we have consistently offered dental solutions for patients in Los Angeles and its surrounding environment. Our team of dental practitioners has specialized in a number of procedures to take care of any of your dental needs.

Whether you are experiencing a terrible toothache that needs immediate medical intervention, or you are uncomfortable with the way your teeth look and you’d want a procedure to improve their appearance we are your best bet for an effective solution. Your teeth condition should not be a stressing matter for you at all. Consult us today for the best LA dentist experience.

Cosmetic Procedures

Our dentists offer an array of cosmetic procedures to improve the appearance of your teeth and enhance your look and smile. With our new laser technology, we are able to whiten your teeth, regardless of their level of discoloring, all in a matter of minutes. At most, an hour and you will be proud to once more show off your smile as your teeth will regain the desired white natural color. We also offer solutions for patients that are not eager to have any artificial procedures performed on their natural teeth.

Whether it is the color of your teeth you’d like corrected, or maybe you are uncomfortable with the arrangement of your teeth, or even maybe they are chipped and you’d like the embarrassment masked, our veneers will work wonders for you.

Veneers are fine strips that our LA dentist manufactures at our clinic that are designed to look like the front surface of perfect teeth. These are then strategically placed on your affected teeth and since they fit perfectly on the teeth, you have a renewed appearance. Besides those, we also have a variety of other procedures available for you such as Invisalign aligners which are becoming very popular nowadays due to their colorless nature which makes them invisible to the public.

General Dental Services

Wilshire Smile Group also offers general dental services for your entire family. Our LA dentist does thorough teeth cleanings, refilling of cavities, wisdom teeth removal as well as other teeth extractions, dental check-ups to ensure your dental health remains at its optimum, and so much more.

You can be sure that whatever troubling issue you are having with your teeth can be successfully dealt with to restore your teeth to their best condition. Unlike other dental facilities that do not offer services to all ages, we have put this in mind and we have a pediatric dentist to solve dental cases of your young kids. Therefore as you come for your routine dental check-ups or consultation, you can bring your kids along and put them on the best path for their dental health.


So if you are in need of any dental service, or you have any dental concern, you can visit us today and meet our caring staff.

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The people behind “Wilshire Smile Studio”

LA Dentist Welcome to Wilshire Smile Group. We are a team of certified dentists...


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Los Angeles Dentist Our Los Angeles Dentist at Wilshire Smile Group offers a number...

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