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Dentistry Los Angeles

Currently, there are so many details that have been opened to help treat dental problems. Similarly, dental patients have increased.

People have realized that there is a need for one to keep good oral health. Dental health is very important for every person. Every member of your family is entitled to have good dental health. Children especially are at high risk of contracting dental health infections.

Dental health infections in children are caused by poor dental health hygiene and poor dieting.  People who appear in public events such as models, actor, and actresses have embraced cosmetic dentistry to improve their looks.  Here at Wilshire Smile Studio, we offer a wide range of dentistry Los Angeles.

This is to ensure that each of our clients receives the right oral treatment that they require. The following are the dentistry services that we offer at our clinic:


Laser Dentistry

This is one of our most advanced dentistry Los Angeles. We have adopted this kind of dentistry since we are concern about our patient’s wellness and comfort. This method of dentistry is fast, involves less bleeding, kills bacteria, minimizes chances of possible infections and often leaves no scar.

We use laser dentistry to remove bacteria in teeth, seal nerve endings, harden bonding, reshape gums, eliminate scars and even reduce TMJ disorder pain. We are using laser tools to make dental treatment easier and hygienic as well as induce less discomfort to the patient.


Botox dentistry

As part of cosmetic dentistry, we offer this kind of dentistry Los Angeles. This dentistry procedure has helped many of our patients to improve their appearance. Our dentist is specialized in offering Botox injection. Botox injections help to relax the muscles during dental implants or surgery.

We also offer Botox injections to prevent a gummy smile. Botox injection o the gums limits the contraction of the muscles and thus reducing the exposure of the gums as one smiles. We use Botox injection also to limit the muscle contraction so as to reduce clenching. Normally, clenching prevents quick healing of the gums in cases of surgery. This is one of the dentistry Los Angeles which is very unique.


Sedation dentistry

At our clinic, we sedate each patient who undergoes surgery to ease worries, fear of pain and to bring calmness and comfort. Sedation is one of the dentistry Los Angeles that we offer to make our patients comfortable. Depending on the type of dentistry procedure, we offer different types of sedation. We give mild sedation formula to induce light unconsciousness to a patient who undergoes minor surgeries.

On the other hand, we offer stronger sedation formula to make one fall in deep sleep when we are performing deep surgeries. This dentistry is good for children and people who have an overreactive gag reflex. Without this dentistry, the patient may shift during surgical procedures and may lead to accidental cuts. At our clinic, we care for you, and thus we are here to give you the best dental services. Visit us today for any dental treatment.

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