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What are the symptoms of a TMJ Disorder?

TMJ Los Angeles

Wilshire Smile Group, among other treatments, offers the solution for TMJ disorders. These are disorders associated with the temporomandibular joint, which is the joint that joins the jawbone to the skull. This is the joint involved with basic movements of the jaw that enable functions such as chewing, yawning and so on.

This joint can be felt by placing your two fingers behind the ears and opening and closing your mouth. Sometimes, due to a number of reasons, this joint can be affected and you could feel some pain and discomfort in that area. Such is a TMJ disorder and to solve it you would need to see a dentist or oral surgeon for diagnosis and treatment.

We have a few dentists at our facility that are specialized in that field that is well suited to provide the TMJ Los Angeles treatment to affected patients.

What are the symptoms of a TMJ Disorder?

There are a number of symptoms that you may experience if you are suffering from a TMJ disorder. These are clear telltale signs and if you happen to experience some or all of them, it is advisable to immediately seek professional intervention as is provided by our TMJ Los Angeles specialist. The most common symptom is pain around the area where the joint is located, that is, the area around the ears.

Sometimes this pain may spread to the rest of the facial area as well as the neck and shoulders. Another yet common sign is the occurrence of popping or clicking sounds as you open your mouth. The pain may also be accompanied by pains around the same area. Other signs may include locking of the jaw, difficulty while chewing food, and tenderness in the jaw.

 Causes of TMJ disorders

The causes of TMJ disorders in most cases are unknown and the condition often heals naturally. However, some main causes could be physical trauma, some ailments affecting the joints such as arthritis, and erosion or misalignment of the jaw’s disc.

As such, when you visit an oral surgeon with a TMJ disorder, they will first assess your recent medical history to determine the exact cause of the condition.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The dentist will, first of all, perform a few tests on your jawbone where they will listen for any clicking sounds as well as check your jaw movement to assess the severity of your case. Once they have ascertained that you are suffering from the condition, you may undergo an X-ray scan where the dentist will examine your jaw and teeth. You may also get a CT scan which will give a detailed analysis of your anatomy for the dentist to scan for problems.

Sometimes an MRI scan would also be necessary to determine any problems with your disc as well as the surrounding tissue. In case you are suffering from an adverse condition that is causing the disorder, you may have to undergo surgery to fix it. For most cases, however, the dentist will recommend some exercises which will reverse the condition in a matter of days. You may also need to be injected with some muscle relaxants during the treatment to ease the jaw’s muscle and some painkillers for the pain associated with TMJs.

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What are the symptoms of a TMJ Disorder?

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