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What you need to know about TMJ?

TMJ is a dental condition that is characterized by a lot of pain at the joint of the jaw. Most Americans usually have a TMJ disorder but are unaware of it since the condition may be small and easy to neglect. Looking at the location of the pain from the disorder, most people think that the treatment of the TMJ is normally done by a doctor.

TMJ Los Angeles has a straightforward form of treatment which addresses the joint directly. At Wilshire Smile Group, you can get some of the best TMJ treatment in the city. With a vast pool of dental specialists, they can cater to any of your dental needs. Visit them today and enjoy top-notch dental services in whichever form of treatment.

How does a TMJ disorder occur?

A TMJ disorder is officially known as a temporomandibular joint disorder. The temporomandibular joint is normally responsible for allowing opening and closing of the mouth using the jaws.

Once the TMJ Los Angeles is injured, the jaw may start becoming very painful as you open it. The pain usually originates from the front of the ear where the joint is normally located. Also, you may experience a locked jaw making you unable to open or close the mouth. The best treatment for TMJ Los Angeles is immediate dental treatment.

Once the temporomandibular joint is injured, it may limit you from performing common activities that are essential in day to day life.

Visit Wilshire Smile Group for the best TMJ treatment in the city.


Causes of a TMJ disorder

Not many things can cause temporomandibular disorder. In fact, this condition is usually quite rare except in some cases. Nonetheless, some of these causes of TMJ disorder can be changed by the individual, unlike others that are simply natural like. One of the most common causes of a TMJ disorder is an injury to the face.


Facial injury

The facial injury is very common with athletes and other sportsmen. Looking at the regular violent behavior they may be engaged in, it may be quite easy to get a broken jaw or TMJ with one blow.

Most boxers usually encounter this condition largely because of their profession. Once the TMJ is hit, it may begin becoming ineffective or stop working making the jaw lock. Nonetheless, treatment for the TMJ disorder can be done through corrective surgery.



Some forms of arthritis may affect the TMJ. Since arthritis normally affects the bone structure and functioning, they can easily affect the joint making it less effective. Arthritis should be treated early enough in order to avoid such complications. In treatment, the dentist will first reinforce the temporomandibular joint to make it stronger even after the structure has been weakened. After that, the dentist may recommend getting treated for arthritis to prevent the condition from arising again.

TMJ Los Angeles is a serious condition that may limit you from performing some day to day activities. In such a case, it is always best to seek dental treatment as soon as possible.

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