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Which dentist to consult for your dental needs?

Dental problems and infections are usually addressed by various dentists depending on the extent of the disease. In some cases, one may need to see two different dentists before their condition can be fully cured. Dentists specialize in various dental procedures making them skilled at a variety of treatments. Nonetheless, for you to find the best dentist in Los Angeles, you have to first know your dental condition to choose wisely. Some patients are usually referred to other specialized dentists after seeing a general dentist. Otherwise, you may need to research which type of dentist is best for your dental condition. LA dentist has some of the best dental professionals who offer common dental services. They include;


A periodontist is a dentist who specializes in gum treatment. Although periodontists do not have to have a surgical set of training, they can perform procedures that involve the periodontal ligament and the alveolar bone found around the teeth and gums. A periodontist is the best dentist in Los Angeles to visit if you have gum disease or infection. These infections, if left untreated, can result in loss of teeth due to the weakening of the underlying gum. Periodontists can also perform implant fitting. This involves the drilling of a hole within the jaw bone to fix a dental implant that will act as a tooth replacement for a previously lost tooth. If you experience painful gums or teeth, you can consult a periodontist to know the best treatment available.

Oral surgeons

Oral surgeons are a specialized type of dentists who can perform various surgical procedures for dental treatment. They are skilled in treatment and repair of maxillofacial tissues, teeth, jaw bone, and neck tissues. Oral surgeons can perform implant fitting which is one of the most common dental services offered at LA dentist. Similarly, they can fit dental bridges and veneers that are designed to act as tooth replacement options. Oral surgeons also perform reconstructive surgery that is meant to return the face or teeth to their original look. Such procedures include cleft lip and cleft palate surgery, teeth realignment and teeth whitening.

Cosmetic dentists

When considering visiting a cosmetic dentist, it is always best to look for the best dentist in Los Angeles. Cosmetic dentistry usually involves changing the facial and oral features of a person and making them more attractive and appealing. Cosmetic dentistry is on the rise with more and more people engaging in this form of dentistry. Cosmetic dentists offer services such as smile makeovers, teeth bleaching, tooth realignment, jaw straightening among many others. Today, cosmetic dentistry takes advantage of the improved technology by providing laser equipment for dental reconstruction.


An orthodontist is a dentist who specializes in dental bone treatment and repair. In most cases, orthodontists are usually concerned with the treatment of dental conditions rather than aesthetic procedures. Some of the most common orthodontic procedures include bone graft, jaw realignment, wisdom tooth extraction, teeth alignment, and many others. They treat conditions like crowded teeth, crossbite, temporomandibular joint disorder, and irregular jaws. For issues with your jaw bone or bone related dental issues, you can consult an orthodontist from LA dentist.

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