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Wilshire Smile Group is home to the best dentist Los Angeles has to offer

Gone are the days when you’d feel at the bottom of the world due to a dental condition that you had no solution for. We recognize the huge role that your teeth play when it comes to outlook, as well as overall body health and wellness and that, is why we have set up a practice in Los Angeles to ensure that your dental health is at its best. Our qualified dentist offers a number of procedures and dental services and some of them have been briefly discussed below.


Veneers are simple appliances that we place on the front surface of teeth to enhance their appearance. Let’s consider that your front incisor is either chipped, discolored, or it is slightly out of line with the other teeth and it is causing a crooked look on your teeth. By taking the measurements of the tooth, our dentist creates a thin shell, the same color as your teeth, and places it on the affected tooth. That way, the defect on your teeth is masked as the veneer appears to be part of your tooth.

Teeth Whitening

Our dentist in Los Angeles also offers teeth whitening procedures. We sell bleaches and whitening gel that you can self-administer at home and within a matter of three weeks, you will have gotten rid of most of the undesirable stains off your teeth. We also have the latest laser technology at our dental facility that is even more efficient when it comes to teeth whitening procedures. With the laser technology, our dentist is able to get rid of the stains from your teeth at the clinic. This is a quick procedure that takes only an hour after which your teeth are back to their gleaming white.

Teeth Extractions

We also offer extraction procedures for patients at our clinic. Unlike in the past when extractions were categorized with pain, a lot of vibrating objects and a lot of blood, which caused people to dread them, today those are history. The procedure that our dentist offers is very efficient and with the strong anesthesia that we use, you’ll experience minimal pain. We can get rid of any of your damaged teeth and replace it with a new one that will serve the same purpose as the lost one.


In case you are suffering from misaligned teeth that are causing you stress and embarrassments in public, our Invisalign clear aligners are the perfect choice for you. These are devices that we place on your teeth and they are meant to slowly pull your teeth into the preferred solution and restore your desired look and perfect smile. The advantage of Invisalign over other methods is that they are invisible and therefore no one will tell you are on treatment. You will, therefore, be comfortable speaking and relating in public while at the same time your teeth realign themselves. Within a few months, your teeth will be perfect, and you will have achieved your new look, thanks to our dentist Los Angeles experience.

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Wilshire Smile Group is home to the best dentist Los Angeles has to offer

Gone are the days when you’d feel at the bottom of the world due...

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