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Ww offers the best Los Angeles dentist experience you’d wish for

Los Angeles Dentist

Wilshire Smile Studio offers the best Los Angeles dentist experience you’d wish for. Regardless of the nature of your dental concern, we have the perfect solution just for you.

Our dentists are all qualified and experienced on matters dental, and you can be sure that you’ll be in the best hands, working with them. Your smile and oral health are our number one priority as we aspire to put smiles and confidence on everyone’s faces.


Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most demanded the procedure at our practice. With the advanced technology we have at our establishment, you can be sure to get rid of even the most stubborn stains from your teeth in just one session of about one hour.

This is possible by our use of the laser method which uses laser beams to remove the stains and restore your teeth to their desired white natural color. By visiting our establishment over your lunch break, you can be sure to go back to work with a brand new smile that you’ll love to flush to your peers.

Apart from the laser method, we also have bleaches that you can purchase from us for your own use at home.

Though the bleaches take a bit longer to work, about three weeks or so, after you are through with the treatment, you will have achieved the desired effect.


Veneers are fine strips made of composite matter that is placed on the front surface of teeth by a dentist. The way veneers work is that they mask defects on teeth and present an appealing look that will have you comfortable smiling in public.

Veneers are able to save a range of dental complications such as fractured and chipped crowns, stained teeth, crooked and misaligned teeth, and any other issue on the appearance of the teeth.  We manufacture the veneers at our dental practice where our dentist begins by examining the nature of your teeth then using the specifics of your teeth, custom veneers are prepared for you at our lab.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are that last set of molars that grows in humans. This begins happening in the early 20s, and in most of the instances, their growth is characterized by pain and a lot of discomfort in normal functioning.

This happens when the teeth get impacted in the gym as a result of inadequate space for their growth. To solve this complication, we recommend instant extraction. If you are experiencing such a case, it will be best to book an appointment with us for the dentist’s intervention.


Wilshire Smile Group has been in operation for more than a decade now, and our dentists have had a successful run providing for the dental needs of thousands of patients all around Los Angeles.

We are also equipped with top-notch technology and equipment, which ensures that our operations offer quality results. If you are having a troubling dental need or concern that you’d like to have handled by a professional, book an appointment with our Los Angeles dentist today.

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