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The Latest Veneers Questions Answered

Wilshire Smile Studio 9 News 9 The Latest Veneers Questions Answered

What are the benefits of dental veneers?

The veneers we specialize in are thin slices of dental porcelain that are bonded to the front of teeth. Done right, they are one of the best ways to subtly, but effectively change an imperfect smile into the one you have always dreamed of. Very few people are born with an ideal smile. Some teeth are a bit crooked, but not worth getting orthodontic braces to correct. Others appear too small, too long, or misshapen compared with neighboring teeth. Or they may just be naturally darker or more yellow than the gleaming smiles you see not only on TV, in films, and on billboards, but in offices and on the streets of Southern California. Then there are cracks and chips that can occur from sports or auto accidents and the ground-down teeth due to tension during sleep (known as bruxism). But perhaps the biggest reason veneers are in so much demand as the first step in a cosmetic smile makeover is that we all drink a lot of coffee, tea, red wine, and colored sodas, and we eat dark foods that stain our teeth. Over-the-counter and even professional whitening methods are often unable to give us a grin we can be proud of.

Are there differences in the types of veneers?

Wilshire Smile Studio only offers the best quality of cosmetic porcelain that is strong, biocompatible, and looks just like your natural translucent teeth. Many other practices use an inexpensive composite resin, which might last five years, while dental porcelain, with proper care, can last 10 years or more. But the outcome depends on much more than that. We have had a tremendous amount of experience in designing personalized veneers for everyone from celebrities to employees who simply want to be able to flash a friendly smile to customers. We also work with one of the top dental laboratories to craft each set, while other practices may cut their costs (though maybe not your price) by using a discount lab. The problems that can develop in these situations include shading that does not match your natural teeth, veneers that stick out too far and look fake, others that give you an uncomfortable bite or are placed in a way that allows cavities and gum infections to thrive, and some that fall off because they were not strongly attached.

How many veneers do I need to have and how much do they cost?

Imagine if you were eager to greet everyone with a full smile–how many need an upgrade to be able to do that with confidence? If you feel you can’t afford to do all of them, we have a variety of ways to finance your dream smile. But if you prefer, we can start with just the ones that are the most visible and need the most help, while you could just have others treated in a different way, such as professionally whitened (we can remove eight shades or more in an hour or two in the dental chair). You are completely control of your customized smile redesign and it starts with a full dental exam, so call Wilshire Smile Studio today to set an appointment.


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