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First Visit At The Dentist

We Ask Patients To Bring Records For Their First Dental Visit

L.A. dentist Igal Elyassi, D.D.S., wants his new patients to be confident that he and his staff will take care of their needs in the best way possible within an affordable budget.

Arrive 15 minutes before your appointment, so that paperwork and payment issues can be discussed. Bring in a filled-out a Patient Registration Form (see link) and if you have dental insurance, bring a completed form

It’s important to bring in records of your dental history. If you don’t have them, try to get them from your prior dentist, especially a list of major procedures and recent x-rays. Most dentists will be professional about forwarding records but may need a few days to get this done. If you have problems, discuss the situation with Wilshire Smile Studio for guidance.

Let L.A. dentist Dr. Elyassi and his team know at the time of your dental exam what you remember about your prior treatments and procedures and your current concerns. A new set of digital x-rays, which minimize radiation, will usually need to be taken so that Wilshire Smile Studio can have an up-to-date understanding of your oral health.

Also mention whether you are taking medications and the most important aspects of your medical history, including allergies to pain medication and antibiotics.

Your case is unique, so call the friendly experts at Wilshire Smile Studio for a free consultation 323 – DENTIST.

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