Your smile is uniquely your own. It is beautiful and deserves to remain so. Nothing that threatens the integrity of your smile is worth tolerating. At Wilshire Smile Studio, we work with a team of dedicated professionals to ensure successful restoration of your valuable smile.

What makes the experience even better is that you can have your perfect smile back in just a single visit. Our Teeth in One Day Los Angeles services are uniquely designed to ensure you have reliable dental assistance when you need it most. You only need to sit down with our team, tell us about it and we will pick everything else from there.

Receive a dental implant in less than 24 hours

To be able to receive a dental implant in less than 24 hours, there is a need for an able, reliable and caring team working together. To ensure this process progresses seamlessly, we have in place a team of highly skilled doctors. Our professional is specially trained in specific areas about the muscles, nerves and the jawbones.

Wilshire Smile Studio prosthodontists and oral surgeons have a unique working relationship to ensure everything plays out perfectly at the end of the day. Our team is always available, so you don’t have to worry about waiting. We will attend to your situation with the urgency and professionalism it demands.


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To achieve your dream smile, you need to involve a team of experts who understand what they are about to handle. Even more, you require a group of professionals with a proven record of accomplishment. That is exactly what we promise at Wilshire Smile Studio if not more. Our doctors have an extensive experience carrying out Teeth in One Day Los Angeles. That means you don’t have to worry about things turning ugly along the way. We have you covered all the way.

No one does it better than Wilshire Smile Studio

In more than a decade that we have been in operation, our professionals have been able to perform over 40,000 successful dental implants. To ensure you have a seamless experience, our team prioritizes the clients on all procedures involved prior to operation. We will discuss the costs with you in addition to assessing the benefits of the procedure you are to undertake. In case of any possible side effects, our team of caring professionals will help you know in good time. In quoting costs, we are always careful not to mislead our customers. We understand how sensitive the aspect of money is. That is why we handle the quotes will ideal precision.