Gummy Smile Expert Doctor Los Angeles

The following are the top three treatment options for a Gummy Smile in Los Angeles:


Gummy Smile Using Laser Crown Lengthening

With the excess gum tissue, the teeth will seem shorter since most of the crown will be cover under the gum. During this procedure, the doctor cuts back part of the gum to make the teeth more visible when you smile. The cutting can either be done using laser or scalpel which is a more conventional option for many dentists. The advantage this procedure to treat gummy smile Los Angeles has over many others is that you will get an immediate result of having reduced gum tissue showing when smiling.

Gummy Smile With Orthodontic Treatment

In this treatment option, the dentist will include the use of braces in making the gum tissue less visible. How is this done? The idea will be to push your teeth upwards by intruding your anterior teeth. This will cause a resorption of the jaw bone, and the gum will follow suit.

What happens is that the dentist will be finding a way to alter your dental structure and drop some of the gum tissue while at it. Despite taking long, the good thing about this procedure is that you don’t need any surgical operation. And the results are as impressive as the others.

Orthognathic Surgery For A Gummy Smile

When using this option for the correction of gummy smile Los Angeles, the dentist will be looking to reduce the size of the upper jaw. They will do this by removing part of the jaw and initiate immobilization of the jaw. All these will be done under sedation, meaning that pain will not be a factor. It is mostly used for those patients showing too much gum while smiling.

Since this option will include using braces in addition to the surgery conducted, you will need two specialists, a dental surgeon, and an orthodontist. Many patients who have undergone this procedure have had long term desirable results. On the other hand, the hazards that can be experienced can be adverse due to the sensitivity of it.

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