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A very important part of both a cosmetic smile makeover and keeping your mouth healthy is what is known as a dental crown, since it can be placed on top of either a damaged tooth or connected to an implant that replaces a missing tooth. Crowns can also improve the way a tooth looks or improve a bite.

Some dental practices offer crowns made of gold, silver, steel, or dental ceramic fused to metal. However, Wilshire Smile Studio’s dentists believe the best choice, in terms of cost, durability, and appearance is biocompatible dental porcelain.

The need for a crown can be due to a tooth knocked out in an accident which cannot simply be put back in its place. Or it may have fallen out (or need to be extracted) due to inadequate brushing and flossing, leading to a periodontal infection that pulled away the gums supporting the tooth. An implant is a screw that replaces the root and gradually integrates with the jawbone, then is connected to the crown that looks just like the missing tooth, matching the shade of its neighbors.

dental crown los angeles

Sometimes crowns are needed for teeth that have been ground down during sleep due to tension, known as bruxism. The crowns restore the look and proper bite and prevent further damage. If the bruxism continues, your dentist may recommend a nightguard be worn when you sleep.

Other crown uses include protecting teeth and their appearance which have cracked or become chipped and making teeth smaller or larger to match the neighboring ones. Crowns also strengthen a tooth which has had its roots cleaned of an infection, known as a root canal procedure (which is not painful, despite the popular misconception, but it can weaken the tooth).

The process of creating a crown starts with a digital mold to create a temporary crown to wear while we collaborate with a top dental laboratory to craft the final customized version.  When you return, it will be fitted and be so comfortable that you will forget that one of your teeth (or more) has a crown.

If you are unhappy with your bite or smile, call Wilshire Smile Studio at 323-DENTIST (336-8478). today to set an appointment for an oral exam to determine what your best options, including dental crowns.

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