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Dental implants are the newest technology used for restoration of lost teeth. The implant itself is a piece of metal which is fixed into the jaw and a prosthetic tooth attached on top of it.

Expert Dental Implants in Los Angeles

Wilshire Smile Studio offers Dental implants Los Angeles and have helped a lot of people to restore teeth lost due to periodontal disease or other causes.

It is an improvement from dentures and bridges which have their disadvantages. Dentures might slip when eating, drinking, talking, etc. and need to be repositioned while bridges require healthy teeth to be compromised by grinding to support the bridge.

Professional Dental Implants Los Angeles

We need to have a good condition of the teeth, for us to talk, sing, or smile. Moreover, teeth give beauty to our faces. However, we can lose our tooth due to many causes, like dental cavities, periodontal diseases and even because of accidents or injuries. With this, dental implants Los Angeles are suggested to ensure its restoration of our dental health.


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About Dental Implants

A dental implant is a correction for lost teeth and is fixed into the gum and a prosthetic crown added to fill the gap. Dental implants Los Angeles dentists report that dental implants may give a youthful appearance because facial muscles start sagging if there is a missing tooth. It is an outpatient procedure but requires three to four visits to complete. A screw is drilled deep into the jaw bone and after the bone heals, an abutment is added and later the prosthetic tooth.

Following a tooth extraction, there will be a gap in between your remaining teeth. With this, it can affect your physical appearance as well as your self-esteem and confidence in interaction with people. However, as the song lyric goes, “what goes around, comes back around,” thus, every problem has its solution. Dental implants Los Angeles are installed on those people who want to restore the beauty of their teeth. If you want to learn about dental implants, then this article is fitted for you.

Dental Implants Process

First, the damaged tooth is removed. After this, the jawbone is prepared for surgery, a process that may involve bone grafting. Bone grafting is done when the jawbone is too soft or not thick enough. Due to the chewing force, the jawbone will fail to support the implant and the whole treatment can go sideways. A piece of bone is taken from another part of the body (like your hip) and transplanted into the jawbone. Artificial grafts can also be purchased and used to graft the jaw. In some cases, minor grafting is required and can be done at the same time with the implant. The healing process can last several months.

The dentist makes an incision in your gum to expose the jaw bone. After this, he or she will then drill holes into the bone where the dental implant will be placed. It is implanted deep inside the jawbone. The implant is actually a small metal post that will function as the root of the tooth hence the deep drilling. After the implant is placed, you will have a gap left. A temporary denture can be used to cover this gap and be cleaned when you go to sleep.

Dental Implants Procedure In Los Angeles


Dental implants are of two kinds, either removable or fixed. Patients can always choose what they think; they are capable of wearing. Fixed implants are those put in the bone socket of our tooth with the use of a screw to make sure it is well anchored. As the term implies, if put in place, patients can no longer think that they had lost a tooth for it serves as a permanent replacement. On the other hand, removable implants are made sometimes temporarily or commonly used by the elderly. Unlike the fixed implants, it can be worn as how the patient desires. More so, it can be cleaned separately for there is no screw inserted to the roots.

Getting a dental implant is a form of dental surgery and is done by a dentist in collaboration with a periodontist. These two professionals consult with each other and determine how the implant will be placed. The dentist drills a hole in the jaw after administering anesthesia. A piece of metal (usually titanium) is fixed into the hole. The metal “root” has a different piece of metal onto which the prosthetic tooth is attached. As the gums heal, the implant fuses into the bone and the gum and resembles a real tooth. Candidates for a dental implant need to have healthy gums that are free of periodontal disease. There are two types of dental implants;

Endosteal Dental Implants

This is a more common dental implant. It involves surgically placing a screw, blade or cylinder into the jawbone. A single implant holds one prosthetic tooth. It can be used instead of removable dentures or bridges.

Subperiosteal Dental Implants

The less common form of a dental implant, subperiosteal implants are placed on the jaw bone instead of inside like the former. Implants are positioned on top of the jaw, and the metal posts protrude through the gum. These are used to hold the prosthesis into place. Such implants are used by patients who cannot wear normal dentures or those with minimal/low bone height.


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Preparing For Dental Implants Los Angeles

After setting an appointment with your dentist, you need to prepare yourself to anticipate what will happen like for the discomfort that you will feel during and after the procedure. Dental Implants Los Angeles are not immediately put for they need proper fit with your bone socket. On the day of your appointment, the dentist will check the position of your teeth that need implants. After, he/she will measure the bone socket for he/she will know how big the replacement must be. He then will assign you another follow-up appointment for the installation of the implants.

On the day of installation, the dentist will give sedation to the patient to ensure a mild to no pain sensation. Anesthesia is given topically and through intravenous. After the induction of anesthesia, the dentist will now put the made tooth, with resembles your old tooth, by screws as it will be attached in the gums, but extra careful for those who have sensitive gums. The procedure can be done about an hour or more, depending on the severity of the case.

Dental Implants – Healing Of The Bone

Healing of the bone osseointegration begins as soon as the metal post gets implanted into the jawbone. This is the process by which the jawbone grows around the surface of the metal implant and unites with it for it to serve as the root. It is a slow process that may take months for the bone to completely fuse with the implant and be as strong as a natural tooth root.

The abutment goes next after the fusing of the bone and implant, the next step is placing the abutment onto the metal post. This is the part that will be fixed to a fake tooth. The dental surgeon cuts the gum to expose the implant and fixes the abutment onto the implant. Local anesthesia is administered for this step. Gum tissue is then closed around but not over the abutment. This procedure can also be done when the implant is being placed. However, the abutment is visible above the gums and will remain this way as osseointegration continues. After the gum heals, impressions are taken to design the crown to fit in with the other teeth.•

Dental Implants – Adding The New Crown

Dental implants Los Angeles specialists will give you the choice of having a removable or fixed tooth. A removable tooth has a pink rubber dam to be worn over the gum. This can be removed for maintenance and cleaning. A fixed one involves an artificial tooth being permanently cemented or screwed onto a single abutment. Multiple teeth can be fixed onto one abutment and bridged together.


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Getting Dental Implants In Los Angeles

Since you are under anesthesia when getting the dental implants Los Angeles, then you cannot feel any pain but there will be a lesser discomfort. As the testimonies of the people tell, the pain from implants is much lesser than with tooth extraction. There will just be discomfort after the procedure because the body is still adapting to the new change. Yet, rest assured it will be temporary.

Benefits of Dentist Implants Done In Los Angeles

Dental implants Los Angeles experts recommend dental implants for a number of reasons. Implants are durable and cost-effective. They can last a lifetime if care is taken, unlike dental bridges which need to be replaced every five to ten years. The cost of replacing dental bridges is astronomical over time compared to getting implants which is more cost effective.

Aesthetically speaking, dental implants are very beneficial to the recipient. You can converse with people with confidence without hiding tooth gaps. Also, implants will prevent facial muscles from sagging as a result of missing teeth. Implants are also designed to look and feel like normal teeth, and it is hard to tell the difference.

Another benefit of implants is that they support the dental health of the person using them. Filling in gaps in the mouth helps prevent accumulation of dental plaque and cavities in the spaces left by missing teeth. Also, implants are used in place of a missing tooth and do not interfere with other teeth. Dental bridges, for example, need healthy teeth to be grinded on one or both sides to support them. Implants are easy to floss, brush and care for and cannot get dental cavities like normal teeth. No need to put them in a cup like those removable dentures!


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