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Wilshire Smile Studio’s Dentists Provide Hollywood’s Best Dental Implants

Wilshire Smile Studio in Hollywood has a team of expert dentists have replaced thousands of lost teeth with natural-looking, permanent, and affordable dental implants. It is important to replace teeth because otherwise the jaw will deteriorate.

The implant consists of two parts. The rod is made of bio-friendly titanium that resembles a screw that is surgically inserted into the jaw where the dead tooth was (or after removing it), a substitute for its root. The crown, which looks like the lost tooth, is placed on top. Implants are so good that no one will notice them when you smile and you can chew as if they were your original teeth.

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The process usually only takes a few months. Wilshire Smile Studio’s dentists are recognized masters of implant and cosmetic dentistry and they will assess your dental health on the first visit. They will take digital x-rays and 3-D CT scans to evaluate whether you are a good candidate for implants. If a tooth needs to be extracted, this will be done and the area allowed to heal before the next appointment (sometimes they can extract it and replace it with an implant at the same time).

On the second visit, the rod is inserted and bone will form around it over several months. Meantime, the crown is prepared by a top dental lab to perfectly match the original tooth and then when the site is ready, is placed on the rod and tested for a comfortable bite.

During this process, you have a choice of local anesthetic or IV-drop sedation, if you are anxious about even mild pain. An over-the-counter medication generally manages any discomfort afterwards.

Our dentists also recommend implants for those who wear dentures. Implants can be used to support dentures to improve eating and speaking and prevent them from moving around. There is even an option of never having to remove your dentures at night. Our implant and denture experts can come up with the right choice that is affordable for you.

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Your case is unique, so call the friendly experts at Wilshire Smile Studio to set up a consultation 323-DENTIST (336-8478).

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