Wilshire Smile Studio Experts Provide A Wide Variety Of Affordable Options

Los Angeles dentist Igal Elyassi, D.D.S. and his team of experts have made thousands of dentures, dental appliances for those who have lost teeth and want substitutes to eat, speak and smile with assurance. There are several types, which can last 5-10 years if prepared by a top Los Angeles dentist like Dr. Elyassi:

• *Conventional dentures, for those who require a full set of substitute teeth.
• *Over dentures, which go on top of implants, making them very stable.
• *Partial dentures, when you only have loss of some teeth, to prevent others from moving and potentially having to be removed. The partial appliance can be permanently fixed into your jaw or made removable.

On your first visit, Los Angeles dentist Dr. Twersky and his expert team will take full-mouth digital x-rays and a 3-D CT scan to assess what would work best. If further teeth need to be extracted, a surgical appointment will be set up, after which there will need to be a healing period of a few weeks.

A temporary denture will be provided to allow you to lead a normal life until then. Once your mouth has healed, molds will be made for a permanent denture that will be crafted by a top dental lab to fit your lifestyle and will appear so natural that others won’t notice. After it is placed and checked for comfort, our denture specialists will explain how to care for your dental appliance, including occasional return visits to adjust it for comfort, as needed.

Your case is unique, so call the friendly experts at Wilshire Smile Studio for a free consultation 323 – DENTIST.

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