Custom Sports Mouthguards Los Angeles, CA

Custom made mouthguards are one of the most durable and consistent of the types of mouthguards, especially for athletes. Dentists recommend these appliances to help professional athletes protect their teeth during sports activity. These mouthguards are composed of thermoplastic polymer and fabricated over a model of the athlete’s dentition. These guards are fitted to be accurately placed in the patient’s mouth. It provides numerous advantages, including fit, easier speech, comfort and retention.


By wearing a durable protective mouthguard, patients can reduce the likelihood of a concussion from impact to the jaw.

A custom vacuum formed mouthguard offers good protection while minimizing the effects on speaking and breathing. They are created from a single sheet of EVA polyvinyl acetate-polyethylene copolymer. The EVA sheet is heated, placed over the stone model, and suctioned by vacuum to fit to the shape of that patient’s mouth and teeth.

Custom pressure-laminated mouthguards help facilitate more effective communication. Like custom vacuum mouthguards, they present minimal Interference with breathing and show less wear in chewing and biting. They see more use by participants because of their higher comfort compared to other appliances. The laminating machines have high pressure, which is evenly distributed. This helps enable thickness of the guard material. Since pressure is even throughout, it allows for a uniform thickness of guard material. Pressure-laminated mouthguards are substantially superior to all other types.

Custom Sport Mouthguards

The American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM), recommends the mouthguard cover all teeth in at least once arch to reach maximum protection, cushioning, and retention. A recent study conducted with high school football players showed that players with a properly fitted pressure-laminated custom mouthguard have less dental injury.

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