Cosmetic dentistry is really essential for a successful life.

In a recent survey of American adults, 96% said that a nice smile is important to anyone’s appearance, affecting both personal life and career. Yet few have perfect oral health by the time they are teens: crooked teeth, cavities, and even gum disease are already common. The good news is that it is never too late for a life-changing smile makeover.

Cosmetic Dentistry


Royalty going back thousands of years made efforts to beautify their teeth at great cost, but today the cosmetic specialists at Wilshire Smile Studio have the most advanced technology, new materials, and a highly-trained staff to produce extraordinary results at a non-royal price.


  • Poorly-spaced teeth.
  • Crookedness.
  • Discoloration.
  • Chipping and cracks.
  • Wear-and-tear.
  • Teeth that seem too long or too short.
  • A smile that shows too much gum.
  • Unsightly or leaky fillings.
  • A bite that does not fit together properly.

Dr. Baruch Twersky D.M.D (Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry) is a cosmetic dentist who focuses on comfort and care.He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Dentistry in 1978.

After graduation, he settled in his home state of California, where he has been in private practice for the past 35 years. Dr. Twersky specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry at Wilshire Smile Studio where his attention to detail and gentle touch have created long relationships with his patients.

Dr. Twersky and his team at Wilshire Smile Studio are updated on the latest cosmetic dental techniques to provide his patients with state-of-the-art, comfortable, personalized dental care.


A revolution in technology and techniques for painless cosmetic dentistry has taken place over the past decade and our patients benefit from many options that our specialists can offer:

  • Invisalign: Transparent trays like mouth guards now can move teeth towards your ideal smile without those embarrassing braces and wires, dietary restrictions, and difficulties with cleaning teeth. The Invisalign process takes much less time than traditional orthodontics.
  • Whitening: Celebrities have made a gleaming Hollywood smile the international standard for every aspect of life and our Zoom Teeth Whitening System can lighten up to eight shades in one hour.
  • Veneers: These are thin pieces of dental porcelain that are bonded to your teeth and skillfully matched to their color by a specialized dental lab.
  • Crowns: If a tooth has had a root canal, has lost a significant amount of its structure, or is cracked or broken, a filling will not be enough. Instead, a porcelain crown can be placed over the remaining tooth and be made to look exactly like the adjacent teeth.
  • Implants: The best option for a tooth that has been lost or needs to be extracted is a dental implant, which involves placing a rod of bio-friendly titanium where the root was and capping it with a crown. Implants can last 10-20 years vs. 5-10 years for bridges or partial dentures.
  • Bridges: A bridge is a quick and inexpensive way to put an artificial tooth into the space where one has been lost, anchoring it to neighboring teeth or making it removable. This prevents the other teeth from naturally moving in to fill the gap, causing misalignment and leading to serious periodontal disease.
  • Dentures: Dentures can be an option when multiple teeth need to be replaced and can be made as partials (removable), a full set, or “over dentures” that go over remaining teeth, with implants anchoring them.
  • Bonding, Inlays, and Onlays: White bonding resin can be easily applied to repair chipped teeth, close gaps, cover discoloration, and protect worn enamel or roots. Inlays and onlays can be made of porcelain, gold, or composite resin to cover a biting area that has been damaged, but a regular filling would not be enough to keep it protected.
  • Gum Sculpting: If you have a smile with more gum showing than you would like, painless surgery can create the ideal one you’ve always wanted.

For a consultation to discuss the full range of options that would fit your unique cosmetic needs, set an appointment with the specialists at Wilshire Smile Studio: 323-DENTIST (336-8478).

Frequently Asked Questions

What are cosmetic dental procedures?
Cosmetic dental procedures refer to dental treatments and techniques performed to improve the appearance of a person’s smile. These procedures are usually elective in nature; They aren’t medically necessary but are done for aesthetic reasons. Cosmetic dental procedures are typically performed by a cosmetic dentist wwith received specialized training in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Examples of cosmetic dental procedures include teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental bonding, and orthodontic treatments such as braces or clear aligners. These procedures can help address various cosmetic dental concerns, such as stained or discolored teeth, chipped or cracked teeth, gaps between teeth, and misaligned teeth.
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