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With good care, Wilshire Smile Studio’s porcelain veneers to cover smile flaws could last 10 years or more. We work with a top dental laboratory and make sure that in placing them, we have shaved off just enough of the front of your teeth so when the veneers are attached, they will not stick out artificially, yet not taking off so much that the tooth is weakened. We also use just the right amount of cement to bond the veneer strongly to the tooth it was designed for, but avoid having it irritate the gums.

If you had your veneers placed by another dental practice and made by an overseas discount dental lab, you are more likely to get into an emergency, like having a veneer fall off, become cracked, or not fit right so that an infection starts.

Emergency Veneers Wilshire Smile Studio

Many use an inferior material, composite resin, that is not nearly as strong as dental porcelain. But no veneer is immune to becoming chipped or even fractured in a sports or car accident, so follow these guidelines on what to do and not to do:


1. Try to repair it yourself, even if the chip or crack looks tiny, because you will probably make it worse and eliminate the opportunity for your dentist to restore it. If the surface feels rough, you can get some dental wax to cover it from a drug store.

2. Try to reattach it, since any kind of bonding agent could be harmful to your dental health (some people have used Crazy Glue, which really is crazy!)


1. If the veneer was knocked off, find it to bring to your dentist to see if it can be repaired.

2. Put a cold pack or even a bag of frozen vegetables on and off the outside of the face near where the injury was.

3. Temporarily protect the veneer and tooth with Dentemp from a drug store.

4. If it is during our office hours call 323-DENTIST for an emergency appointment. If we are not open, leave your phone number on our voicemail and we will call you back when we reopen. Meantime, go to an urgent care clinic to have the injury examined.

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