The perception that oral rehabilitation should necessarily cost you a dime is now a thing of the past thanks to All Four Implants. Its comprehensive nature and the sophistication that comes with it is no match to the expensive tradition rehabilitation protocols.

All On Four Los Angeles Dentist – Fewer Surgeries Better Results


As explained before, the traditional protocol for oral rehabilitation requires several implants, especially when looking to replace many lost teeth. Each implant is a separate surgical procedure, meaning that you will need as many surgeries as the implants you want.

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On the other hand, the eight implants for the all on four implants, which is on the upper end, will only need the same number of surgeries. Moreover, all of them can be performed on the same day. Gone are the days when you had to wait for the bones to heal first, technology has made things easier.

All On Four Does Not Require Bone Grafting

Included on the list of the way all on four Los Angeles saves you money is the fact that you don’t need bone grafting, which was a necessity for the traditional protocol. It was so since there was a need to shape the jaw bone that is mostly receded.

The technology of the latest protocol excludes the need for the procedure. The other good thing about not using bone grafting is that you can have your teeth rehabilitation done in one day. Again, you won’t have to wait for the healing of the jaw bone before moving to the next stage.

Benefits of All On Four Los Angeles

The many benefits of All on Four Los Angeles, from the reduced number of implants and surgeries to the exclusion of bone grafting has a potential of saving an average of $20,000 off the cost of oral rehabilitation. You only have to get it done the right way.


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