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Los Angeles dentist Igal Elyassi, D.D.S. and his team are experts in providing dental fillings that are non-toxic. Some 92% of American adults have had at least one cavity, making having dental caries (as this is technically known) the most common disease except for the common cold.

Cavities need to be detected early by a dentist’s careful oral exam or by taking a digital x-ray, in order to keep them from seriously damaging teeth. If decay is unchecked, the tooth will have to be extracted and a replacement will need to be crafted to keep the gap from causing other teeth to move towards it. Otherwise, this can lead to gum disease, deterioration of the jaw bone, and loss of other teeth.

Many patients also want to replace silver-colored amalgam fillings containing mercury because concerns have been raised about their potential impact on long-term health. Los Angeles dentist Dr. Elyassi and his team are experts at taking out these fillings safely and substituting a non-toxic resin composite filling. This is tooth-colored and thus more attractive, has fluoride to prevent further decay, and the resin (a type of plastic) strengthens the tooth. Replacements require a mold to be taken and sent to a top dental lab to design an exact fit, requiring a second visit to finalize.

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