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oral surgeons in a surgery

Our Doctors Will Make Your Dental Experience Painless and Anxiety-Free

About a third of Americans don’t even see a dentist once a year, usually over...


The people behind “Wilshire Smile Studio”

LA Dentist Welcome to Wilshire Smile Group. We are a team of certified dentists operating...


Our Los Angeles Dentist at Wilshire Smile Group offers:

Los Angeles Dentist Our Los Angeles Dentist at Wilshire Smile Group offers a number of...

dental condition

What are the symptoms of a TMJ Disorder?

TMJ Los Angeles Wilshire Smile Group, among other treatments, offers the solution for TMJ disorders....

Los angles

Wilshire Smile Group is home to the best dentist Los Angeles has to offer

Gone are the days when you’d feel at the bottom of the world due to...


Metallic screws in Dental implants

Dental implants Los Angeles Dental implants refer to metallic screws, made of titanium, that is...

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