Dental Implant Success Depends On The Right Material and Expert Placement

If you have lost a tooth or have periodontal disease (infection of the gums that may lead to loosened teeth), you probably have heard about dental implants. Implants have revolutionized our ability to help patients by enabling dentists to be able to replace missing or failing teeth with implants which look just like natural teeth.

Dental implant Procedure

Dental implants serve many purposes. Not only do they provide excellent replacements for lost teeth, they prevent bone loss in the jaw and the shifting of teeth that naturally occurs when one is missing.  This is critical, as the neglect in many cases can lead to misalignment, as the teeth near the missing one naturally start to lean in towards the gap.

However, the widespread use of dental implants has led to many companies providing versions which generally have less of a good track record and many dentists take cases which are too complex unless they have had advanced training.

At Wilshire Smile Studio, it is our goal to provide patients with the best dental implants and comprehensive follow-up care.

“The Straumann company, located in Switzerland, provides a wide array of implants for a variety of surgical indications and is widely recognized as the best in the world,” says Dr. Nariman Saadat, the oral surgeon and implant specialist at Wilshire Smile Studio in Los Angeles. “There are cheaper, newer brands, but they utilize different alloys that can lead to a higher risk of failure and to unfavorable long- term outcomes. When it comes to surgical implants, it is critical to reduce this chance, as it will lead to significant complications including infection, implant loss, injury to adjacent structures, pain, and loss of adjacent teeth.”

Even though many dentists offer dental implants, it is important to ensure that your provider has adequate training and experience. At Wilshire Smile Studio, our oral surgeon, Dr. Saadat, graduated from U.C.L.A. with a bachelor of science in microbiology, immunology, and molecular genetics. He subsequently received his dental degree at its school of dentistry. He continued his passion by earning  a degree in maxillofacial surgery at Oregon Health and Science University, where he also received  his medical degree. This advanced training makes him uniquely qualified for dental implant placement.

At Wilshire Smile Studio, we have comprehensive examination and treatment planning for all of our implant patients to ensure your absolute safety and successful long-term outcome. Our protocol includes obtaining a CT scan (a three-dimensional x-ray) of your jaw bone. This will ensure that you have adequate jawbone, which is crucial for the long-term success of dental implant. In some cases, it is necessary to improve the bone structure of the jaw by utilizing a bone graft substitute to enable your surgeon to place the implants. It is also important to note, however, that not every patient is a good candidate for dental implants and it is critical to review your entire medical history in detail before moving ahead with your case.

Lasting Results

At Wilshire Smile Studio, we believe in our work and our surgeon guarantees the dental implant for a year, to be sure it integrates with the bone, but also it is important to note that longevity and long- term outcome is also dependent on the patient’s oral hygiene practices and routine follow-up appointments. If an implant is well-placed and adequately cared for, it should last decades and, not uncommonly, for a lifetime.

Call Wilshire Smile Studio for an examination to determine if you are a good candidate to receive a dental implant for missing or endangered teeth: 323-DENTIST (366-8478).

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