Wilshire Smile Studio Provides Sedation Options

Dr. Igal Elyassi’s, team of experts will do everything they can to save your natural teeth, from filling cavities to root canal therapy to keep a tooth from dying.

Sometimes, though, a tooth extraction is the best way to preserve the health and integrity of the rest of your mouth. There are other good reasons:

*The need to remove a tooth that has been broken

*Too many teeth crowded in one area so they are hard to clean and don’t provide a nice smile. *Advanced gum disease that has caused the underlying bone holding the tooth to deteriorate. *To prepare the jaw for orthodontic work or to improve the fit of dentures.

Wisdom teeth at the back of the mouth sometimes don’t have enough room to grow properly, becoming “impacted” between other teeth, the jaw, and gums, causing other teeth to move out of alignment. They can become infected and painful and must be removed.

Before an extraction, a digital x-ray (which minimizes radiation) will be taken to determine whether to remove a tooth (in complex cases, a 3-D CT scan may also be required). Sometimes, a bone graft will need to be done to replace the area of the jaw that was underneath the tooth, which has deteriorated.

You will be given options to keep nearby teeth from moving to fill the gap where the tooth was, including placing a bridge between surrounding teeth or a dental implant.

Los Angeles dentist Dr. Elyassi and his team provide many choices for numbing the area before surgery, including a local anesthetic injection, nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas), and full IV-drip sedation.

Your case is unique, so call the friendly experts at Wilshire Smile Studio for a free consultation 323 – DENTIST.