1. Prior to placing the appliance in your mouth:
    • Brush and floss your teeth.
    • Soften the appliance under warm tap water to aid in placement of the appliance over your teeth.
  2. To insert the appliance:
    • Use the forefinger and thumb of both hands to guide the appliance into place over your teeth.
    • Gently close your teeth together to insure the appliance is fully seated.
  3. Removal of the appliance:
    • Use the forefinger and thumb of both hands to grasp the appliance.
    • Pull the appliance from your teeth.
  4. Cleaning of the appliance:
    • Use liquid hand soap or other mild toothpaste abrasive recommended by your dentist.
    • Brush the appliance under cold tap water with a soft toothbrush.
  5. Storage of your appliance:
    • Shake moisture from the appliance.
    • Place the appliance in a container provided by your dentist, or use a sealable container such as a tupperware container.
  6. Mineral deposits or opacity:
    • Mineral deposits can accumulate causing discoloration. If this occurs – soak the appliance for approximately 15 minutes in a denture soak cleanser.
    • After soaking – allow the appliance to air dry and store it in your sealable container.
    • Note: Air drying helps to dissipate the opaque appearance caused by excess moisture.
  7. Contact your dentist:
    • As directed by your dentist.
    • If changes in your symptoms occur.
    • If changes occur in the appearance of your mouth or gums.
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