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From cosmetic wonders like veneers and Invisalign to life-changing dental implants and gentle root canals, our patients’ words paint the picture of our dedication and expertise.

Dive In! 🏊 Take a scroll through our treasure trove of testimonials. Each review is a story, each smile a testament to the craft and care that Dr. Elyassi, Dr. Saadat, Dr. Arora, and our skilled hygienists pour into their work.

Whether you’re here to solve a dental mystery, beautify your grin, or just looking for a dental home where you’re treated like a star (because, let’s face it, our patients are the real celebrities here), our reviews are your first step into a world where dental dreams come true.

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Our Google Reviews

Elbert KimElbert Kim
05:33 28 Nov 23
This place is great! Scheduling was super easy and the staff are very friendly and helpful. It had been a couple years since I last saw a dentist so I had get a pretty thorough cleaning. Tiffany did a great job with my cleaning and made sure that I wasn’t in pain the entire time. I’m recommending this place to all my friends
Mohsen AshooriMohsen Ashoori
19:23 24 Nov 23
Great experience at Wilshire smile studio. started my invisalign. Dr Arora went over the treatment. I got the best cleaning with my hygienist Negah. Now I'm flossing more on daily basis. Highly recommended!
Richard KimRichard Kim
03:05 31 Oct 23
I had a loose implant crown and I called as an emergency patient... they took care of me later that day. I appreciated how fast and efficient this office was. Now i have a stable implant! Thank you wilshire smile studio
02:42 12 Sep 23
My insurance was contacted with Wilshire Smile Studio and I’m so glad I came here. I haven’t been to the dentist for a while so I had to get a full exam. Dr. Arora explained all the treatments i needed. I also got my cleaning done by Tiffany, the hygienist. She was very thorough and pleasant!
Joseph ChangJoseph Chang
19:33 24 Aug 23
I went to Wilshire Smile Studio for a dental check-up and received crown work and a night guard. The dentist did an excellent job with the crown work, ensuring a perfect fit. The night guard provided has been incredibly helpful in preventing teeth grinding while I sleep. 10/10 would recommend to my friends and familyTiffany Kim the dental hygienist has a ton of energy she made my teeth feel great after her delicate cleaning. She drinks a ton of coffee maybe that’s why she so high energy but love it!
Stephanie KimStephanie Kim
19:33 01 Aug 23
Staff at Wilshire Smile Studio truly make you feel comfortable and at ease. The front desk ladies are really nice and accommodating and were able to fit me into the calendar without a long waiting period. I really hate teeth cleanings since I have sensitive teeth, but my hygienist really took her time to make sure I was not uncomfortable. She would check-in with me multiple times throughout the cleaning session to make sure I was ok. Shoutout to Tiffany! I really do trust the staff at this facility to make sure my teeth are healthy and taken care of!
La Miyah HatchettLa Miyah Hatchett
20:34 21 Feb 23
Don’t let youth fool you. Dr. Zein holds himself to high standards. His professionalism draws customers back into the dental chairs, in which some of us despise. On the other hand, Gladys and Brenda the assistant technicians, have such calm auras wrapped in experience. Their teamwork and team effort together gets the job done! I give 5 stars for these employees, however, 4 stars for the provision and agreement services. All jobs have their ups and downs, in this case, the employees and educational backgrounds are what makes the difference. Give them a try! Beautiful view by the way!
kamran davidoffkamran davidoff
21:02 07 Feb 23
Great place to get work done on your teeth. Fast and professional staff that take care of clients as with friends or family.Clean environment. All precautions taken for COVID 19 and other contagious diseases.No wait time to see the dentist.Appointments given for emergency issues with the teeth.Classy building with many specialists doctors and dentists.Ample parking inside the building or many lots within walking distance of offices.Wonderful and pleasant hygienists and technicians.Top modern equipment and sterile tools.Very reasonable prices for the quality of service.Honestly one of the best medical or dental offices I have been to.Recommend this place to everyone.You will not be sorry.
01:23 13 Dec 22
What an amazing experience I had here, I can't believe how professional and talented this team is. I first came in for a deep cleaning service and Tiffany was the coolest gal to work with. My gums feel very healthy and I can even feel the air going between my teeth! The second time, I went back for Zoom teeth whitening with Gladys and boy, let me tell you, this thing made a huge difference in the overall look of my teeth. I finally look handsome again. Dr. Zein is super cool and great to work with. The administrative team, Ayesca and Daisy are warm and welcoming and took care of all my paperwork and appointments in a jiffy!I would highly recommend coming here for all of your dentistry needs. A+
Zee FakihZee Fakih
03:58 23 Aug 22
Had to call in for an emergency appointment. The staff was very accommodating to fit us in schedule. They were prompt, informative, professional and very nice. Dr. Zein was awesome! He explained everything that needed to be done and was super communicative. Will definitely be back! Thanks Wilshire Smile Studio for a great experience!
Michael ZargariMichael Zargari
01:36 29 Jun 22
I've been using them for years. My overall dental health has improved . I get less cavities and my teeth are whiter! Very friendly staff . I think this is the best Dentist in Los Angeles .
Livier Alexandra MoraLivier Alexandra Mora
22:16 21 Apr 22
Wilshire Smile Studio sets the bar for how dentistry should be practiced. Tiffany is the best hygienist and she makes cleanings feel like you’re catching up with a friend. The whole team is knowledgeable and welcoming. Definitely recommend.

Our Yelp Reviews

  •   Smile Studio Wilshire will take care of ALL your dental needs! Whether it's routine, maintenance, or cosmetic work, you can expect great results from the team at Wilshire Smile! ... read more

    thumb Vernon M.

      Dr.Saadat has cured my lifelong fear of the dentist!! I love his straightforwardness approach which made me feel relaxed. He is knowledgeable and informative when you ask questions.
    The... read more

    thumb Dasey D.

      Negah is an amazing dental hygienist who truly understands and cares for her patients. She was so attentive and considerate of my anxiety during my visit, constantly checking in to... read more

    thumb Elvira M.
  •   This greatttttt. The staff is amazing. The doctors and hygienists are all informational. They explain everything step by step. I'm glad I come here

    thumb Grace F.

      Love everyone in this office, especially the premier Periodontist Tanavoli, as well as my hygienist Negah!

    thumb Ray B.

      I highly recommend the services provided here. I came here as I have severe jaw pain due to TMJ. They were able to address my problem and provide adequate solutions.... read more

    thumb Vanessa G.
  •   Dr. Aurora, Jun and Chris are the best and very helpful! They always take such good care of me!

    thumb Kate B.

      I can't praise them enough for their excellent and friendly service. They made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in, explaining each step with patience and professionalism. Their... read more

    thumb Jackson R.

      i had terrible terrible tmj pain and i'm not kidding when i say that the retainer i was fitted for changed my life.
    they also gave a recommendation for physical... read more

    thumb Ashley C.
  •   I really enjoyed my visit with Wiltshire smile studio! Dr. Arora answered all of my questions. I needed a few fillings and got a new night guard because mine was... read more

    thumb Min K.

      The staff here is AMAZING.
    Dr. Arora is wonderful and so detailed. She's the only person I want touching my pearly whites!

    thumb Ann I.

      This place is great! Scheduling was super easy and the staff are very friendly and helpful. It had been a couple years since I last saw a dentist so I... read more

    thumb Elbert K.

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