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Living in Los Angeles means competing for jobs where a gleaming smile is an asset even in industries that have nothing to do with TV or the movies. Fortunately, one doesn’t have to be a star of the big screen or small to afford a Hollywood smile makeover with porcelain veneers that can cover discoloration, cracks, or gaps and even provide more beautiful shaping for your natural teeth.




Lots of things can cause teeth to become darker:

  • Drinking coffee, tea, or red wine.
  • Infrequent cleaning or whitening.
  • Smoking.
  • The use of medications like tetracycline.
  • Old root canals for infected teeth that appear dark.
  • Aging.




Over-the-counter whiteners will not usually improve tooth color significantly enough and sometimes even professional whitening technologies will not result in the smile you want.

Many people also have natural gaps in between their teeth or cracks or chipping from accidents that make their smiles less attractive. These can also make the areas hard to clean and lead to not only cavities, but a periodontal disease that infects the gum tissue and ultimately could cause loss of teeth.




Fortunately, Wilshire Smile Studio can provide anyone with a customized solution. Advances in porcelain technology provide cost-effective options for creating veneers that exactly match your natural tooth color or can even improve the color and shape to allow you to flash a friendly smile to everyone you meet.

Porcelain not only can be made to look like a natural tooth, protects a tooth better from decay than alternatives, is very durable and can last many years, but it doesn’t cause the allergic reaction or gum discoloration that some commonly-used metals do.

Creating your perfect veneers requires a great deal of skill in getting the shade right, making them look natural, and using the right proportions that match the lips and rest of the face. Professional whitening needs to be done in advance so that the shade of the veneers will block areas that remain dark and yet not be too opaque.

The right bonding material is also important for strength and bio-compatibility. Only top-notch dental laboratories should be used to craft the best customized veneers, yet many dental practices use overseas labs to save money, despite the fact that they produce inferior work which others will notice.


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