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Most people are concerned about the appearance of their teeth. Some may say their teeth are short, aged teeth and so forth. With this, in cosmetic dentistry, they give now a rise to a new sub-specialty, which is the use of veneers in treating dental issues. A veneers dentist Los Angeles is now specialized to restore a good and healthy condition of the teeth.

Expert Veneers Dentist in Los Angeles

Hollywood stars and TV stars are known for their picture perfect dazzling white teeth and smiles that are worth the front cover of a magazine. One cannot help but wish to have such a set of pearly whites. Where do they get it? of course from the best Dentist in Los Angeles.

Professional Veneers Dentist in Los Angeles

Celebrities were not all born with perfect teeth, they just use veneers. You can also get that perfect smile after visiting a veneers dentist Los Angeles. The question now looms, should you get veneers or not? Are they worth the price? Here is some more information on veneers as you ponder on it;


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About Veneers

Veneers are artificial dental laminates made of porcelain or composite material. Any veneers dentist Los Angeles will tell you that porcelain veneers are more expensive but produce the best results. Veneers are bonded onto the tooth using a strong adhesive. They are used to correct teeth that are cracked or broken. Other uses include correcting gaps in the teeth and can also be used when teeth whitening efforts bear no fruit. Some dental insurance plans will cover the less expensive composite veneers and leave out porcelain veneers so you should do your research.

Dental Veneers Procedure

The process will usually take one or two weeks to complete in two appointments in the majority of cases. Some dentists who are well equipped can also do the procedure in one session. The steps are;

Veneers Dentist’s Procedure – Trimming

The first step is to trim the tooth. This simply means that the front surface of the tooth is trimmed and reduced to match the thickness of the veneer being bonded. Dentists do this to prevent a dramatic increase in thickness when the veneer is added. Standard guidelines as to the maximum amount of enamel that can be removed are followed. 1/50th of an inch can be shaved. If the tooth has decay in some parts, the dentist will extensively trim these areas. Porcelain veneers can supposedly be added onto composite fillings. It is, however, best practice to first replace them with new ones.

Basically, the dentist will try to only trim away the enamel. The enamel produces the most predictable and secure bond. In some situations, the trimming can be deeper and reach the dentin. This might be to allow for a thicker veneer for better results. The dentin can also bond although it is not as secure as the enamel. Anesthesia might be needed because some teeth can become sensitive due to trimming.

Veneers Dentist’s Procedure – Sampling The Shade

A standard shade guide is used in this step to determine the color of porcelain that most closely resembles the color of the surrounding teeth. In some cases, different colors are going to be used on different veneers. The guide also prompts the dentist to select which part of the veneer should be less or more translucent when compared to the other teeth.

Veneers Dentist’s Procedure – Taking An Impression

After the tooth has been trimmed, the veneers dentist Los Angeles takes an impression of the tooth being operated upon and the surrounding teeth and gums as well. This impression will be used when making the veneer. Impressions are commonly taken using impression putty. It is a thick paste put in a tray that the patient bites into for a few minutes as it sets and then removed from the mouth. The impression is used to fabricate the veneer, and the process usually takes two weeks.

The alternative is making use of a dental milling machine. This machine is equipped with a camera and takes the tooth impression optically. The machine then uses the image to grind the veneer from ceramic. This process takes a few minutes and the veneer procedure can be completed in one session. You can use cheaper veneers that are ready made but without the obvious advantage of customization.


Specialized Veneers Dentist Los Angeles

A specialized veneers dentist Los Angeles will assess the condition of your teeth for proper treatment. Like tooth extraction, the use of veneers is just for extreme cases that are not manageable by alternative ways. For example, veneers are used for the teeth gaps that orthodontic cases cannot fix. It serves as a case of your tooth with good shape and size just to cover the gaps in between your teeth. Another use, for dental form and size problems, for those who have small and misaligned teeth, veneers are also used to ensure proper alignment which as a result, can give a great smile. However, veneers can also be used for protection, like with people who are chronic smokers; they contact their dentists to protect their teeth from nicotine which causes the destruction of dental enamel which if damaged, can cause brittleness of the teeth.

The use of veneers is not just according to the patient’s decision. He/she needs a prescription from an expert for approval.

There are four types of veneers according to you and your veneers dentist Los Angeles specialist preference. However, the common ones are the composite and porcelain veneers while other two categories are the removable/ snap on veneers and instant veneers. We will know about each type in details.

Types Of Veneers Dentist Can Apply

If you just have small cracks in your tooth, may be because of minor accidents, then composite veneer is right for you. It is used for a single tooth fixation which can cover up the small gaps. Composite veneer is also cheaper than the next common type.
However, if multiple teeth are involved, then probably your veneers dentist will suggest you have the porcelain veneer. Like dental crowns, porcelain veneer covers front teeth according to what your individual tooth looks like. This treatment is not done in just a single appointment, but you should meet your dentist for a couple of times to ensure its effectiveness. Due to the frequent meetings, then this veneer is much expensive than the others, but it is worth the price, giving a satisfactory overall appearance of your smile.

Other Types Of Veneers Dentist Can Recommend

The American Dental Association warns the public that you must have an experienced veneers dentist Los Angeles specialist to assist you with this for it can result in further destruction of teeth if not done properly. Instant veneers are the already made veneers that patients can choose upon appointment with the dentist. You specialized dentist will determine which is suited, and that will blend with the other teeth. This treatment can be done in one check-up.
However, removable veneers also called as snap on veneers are which you can remove and clean yourself. It serves as a protection when you eat or do activities that will harm your existing and permanent teeth.

Moreover, the dentist will also disapprove the installation of veneers if they will see that your teeth are already healthy. Thus, they will perform other alternative ways to improve your dental condition.


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More About Veneers From Dentist Los Angeles

Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are modified to specifically fit an individual’s teeth. They can also be made of other composite materials like resin. After being molded, it is applied to the tooth with a strong adhesive. The main aim of veneers is to change the size, shape or color of the teeth. Veneers are used to correct:


  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Discolored teeth from procedures like root canals or filling
  • Irregularly shaped teeth
  • Teeth with many gaps in between
  • Any other issue that can lower self-confidence

Different types of veneers

Veneers range from $1000 to $2000 on average. You can choose from different types of veneers including;

Porcelain veneers

By far the best type of veneers and also the most expensive. Porcelain veneers are custom made in a laboratory to fit the shade and size of your natural teeth. A special cement and UV light are used to bond the veneer with the teeth.

Instant veneers

Unlike custom made porcelain veneers, these are premade in a factory and can be applied instantly at the dentist’s office. They are less expensive than their porcelain counterparts.

Composite veneers

These are similar to porcelain veneers, but they are made of the same material as dental fillings. They are used to correct minor chips and gaps. Although less expensive, compositely is not as durable as porcelain.

Removable veneers

These are the newest type of veneers and are a cross-breed of instant and porcelain veneers. Removable veneers are custom made and can be worn and removed when needed. They are the least expensive veneers but are not a long-term solution.

Pros Of Using Veneers

Veneers offer a lot of benefits the first being a boost of confidence. They can be matched to look like natural teeth making it hard to tell the difference. You can choose any shade you want. Also, the teeth are not interfered with since there is no drilling or grinding. Maintenance is easy with regular brushing and flossing. Veneers will generally last 7 to 15 years before needing replacement.

Cons Of Using Veneers

With such benefits, it is hard to believe that veneers have any cons. However, before visiting a veneers dentist Los Angeles, you should know that veneers do not change color like natural teeth and after a while, it can lead to an awkward smile. Porcelain is also delicate and can crack when you bite into a hard object. People who like biting their nails, chewing on ice or grinding teeth can have a hard time maintaining porcelain veneers. Visit your dentist and get to know the best veneers for you.


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