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Dental Implants Will Restore The Health Of Your Mouth

By now you probably have experienced periodontal disease, the bleeding gums that indicate a bacterial infection that can have serious consequences.


Gum Infection

For most of our lives, we were told to brush twice a day and floss once to prevent cavities. But as we grew older, our dentist warned us that failure to be rigorous about this could lead to infected gums, which causes them to pull back from the teeth. Ultimately, one or more teeth fall out or become so loose they need to be extracted. Even if you only lose a single tooth initially, this will cause the remaining ones next to it to lean in to fill the gap, resulting in misalignment, which could lead to further loss.

Even at ages 35-44, some 69% have already lost one tooth, while 26% of those over 74 not longer have any teeth.

But as bad as the loss of teeth may be, there are other serious consequences of not preventing or treating gum infection. Periodontal bacteria don’t just affect the health of the mouth, spread through your body, significantly raising the risk for high disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Yet there is usually no pain accompanying gum infection and it is usually hard to tell how bad it is. This is why it is vital to see your dentist twice a year to get a check-up on your overall oral health and a professional cleaning by a dental hygienist.


Dental Implants

The good news is that advancements in dental implants provide a cost-effective way to replace lost teeth and prevent the nearby teeth from moving. This will restore not only your smile, but the ability to chew, speak, and function as if there had been no loss.

The process usually takes 3-6 months:

  • First, after digital x-rays a CT-scan, and an examination there is usually a remaining root that needs to be painlessly extracted.
  • Second, a biocompatible titanium screw is inserted and bone will begin to form around it to hold it in place. A temporary crown (which looks like a natural tooth) may be created and placed on top so that you can eat normally, or if there is no cosmetic concern, left off in order to speed up healing.
  • A dental lab will craft the permanent crown that will be the exact shade to match the adjacent teeth, which is placed during the final office visit (Wilshire Smile Studio never uses overseas labs because of the unknown quality of work and type of materials used to fabricate the restoration).

Individuals who have sufficient bone may qualify for an “immediate implant” that shortens the process. If at least several adjacent teeth missing, an All-on-4 implant can make replacement quicker and more cost-effective.

No matter which type of implant you receive, with the right care they should last more than 10 years, compared with 4-5 years for removable dentures, which do not stop bone loss from missing teeth.


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