Dental Veneers Can Be Customized To Your Exact Personal Preferences

The Etruscans of Italy came up with the first teeth replacements in 900 B.C., carving them out of ivory tusks. Three millennia later, Hollywood has set a high bar for the gleaming smile on TV and in the movies.

Fortunately, improving one’s natural smile doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Even stars like George Clooney, Hilary Duff, Tom Cruise, and Demi Moore have famously upgraded their own natural smiles by using a relatively new approach that is very cost-effective and customizable: veneers.

You may have always had misaligned teeth with gaps, but then they also became chipped or cracked. Teeth are also easily discolored by drinking coffee, tea, or red wine, smoking, infrequent cleaning, use of medicines like tetracycline, some strong mouthwashes, as well as smoking, and just aging. If you have a tooth root that died, but was not treated, it will became dark brown and show through both the dentin that surrounds it and the white enamel that is the outer layer. If you had a root canal to clean up the infection, the dentin is naturally more yellow and the enamel may not mask that. Veneers can easily cover up all these problems to give you a more beautiful smile again.

Porcelain Veneers

The veneers used by Wilshire Smile Studio are made of the highest-quality dental porcelain, which can last 10-15 years with good care. Some other practices still use older, inferior materials that discolor easier.

But the right material is only the start. You need to have your smile evaluated by our veneers specialist, who can analyze the proportions of your face, the relationship of the lips to the teeth they frame, the need for a professional whitening of darker teeth (over-the-counter whiteners are not adequate), or straightening teeth using Invisalign in advance of placing veneers.

Then there are your personal preferences and needs. Some jobs put more of an emphasis on appearance, but your might like a gleaming Hollywood smile or one that seems to be the great natural one you were born with. We also have patients from other countries who tell us their cultures favor more yellow teeth with natural gaps between then or some other variation from the choices most Americans make.

Restore Your Smile with Customized Veneers

The good news is that all of the conditions can be treated by the dental team at Wilshire Smile Studio.

“Creating customized veneers requires a great deal of skill in getting the shade that is exactly what the patient wants, getting the proportions right, and the complicated collaboration with the very best craftsmen at a top local dental laboratory,” said Dr. Baruch Twersky of Wilshire Smile Studio.

Set up an appointment for your consultation on how veneers can change your life: 323-DENTIST (336-8478).

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