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6 Things to Know About Dental Veneers

Every time you see that glitzy Hollywood smile on the red carpet, there’s a good chance dental veneers are the unsung heroes behind the scenes.

Those impeccably white, perfectly aligned teeth? Yep, the magic of veneers.

And when the stars of LA want the best of the best, where do they turn? Straight to the doors of Wilshire Smile Studio.


1. What are Dental Veneers?

Picture this: ultra-thin, custom-made shells designed specifically to jazz up the front surface of your teeth. That’s dental veneers for you! Typically, they’re crafted from two main materials:

  • Porcelain: The celebrity choice, known for its lifelike appearance and longevity.
  • Composite: Quicker, often less expensive, and can be easily repaired.

And here’s a sparkling tidbit for your next dinner party conversation: veneers are so delicately thin, they’re practically as slim as your favorite contact lens!


2. Benefits of Rocking Veneers

Why are veneers Hollywood’s best-kept secret?

  • Instant Makeover: Transform discolored, chipped, or slightly crooked teeth in just a couple of visits.
  • Stain Resilient: Red wine, coffee, tea? No worries. Veneers don’t stain easily.
  • Natural Look and Feel: Crafted to match your tooth color, making them nearly undetectable.

Ever spotted a star with a suddenly perfect smile? Veneers might just be the behind-the-scenes stylist.


3. The Veneer Application Process

Curious about getting red-carpet ready teeth? Here’s the drill (minus the actual drill!):

  • Consultation: Pop into Wilshire Smile Studio for a chat.
  • Tooth Preparation: A smidge of enamel is removed to make space.
  • Veneer Creation: Impressions are sent to the lab, where your veneer gets crafted.
  • The Big Day: Your veneer is bonded to your tooth, adjusted, and voilà!


4. Living the Veneer Life

  • Maintenance is a Breeze: Brush, floss, and regular check-ups keep them dazzling.
  • Chomp with Confidence: Durable, but avoid using teeth as tools or biting into super hard foods.

Dazzling tidbit: With proper care, your veneers can outlast your favorite pair of heels or that timeless tuxedo.


5. Veneer Longevity: What’s the Timeline?

Thinking longevity? Let’s spill the beans:

  • The Decade Club: Most veneers strut their stuff for 10-15 years. Some even strut longer with impeccable care!
  • Natural Wear: Like everything, they age. They might need a revamp or replacement over time.

And remember, just like a classic Hollywood film, good things can last ages if you take care of them.


6. Investing in Your Star-Studded Smile

Let’s talk numbers:

  • Initial Costs: Veneers can seem like a pretty penny, but think of them as a long-term investment for that radiant, confident grin.
  • Financing and Payment Plans: Worried about breaking the bank? Wilshire Smile Studio offers plans that make it easier on your pocket.

Dreaming of that paparazzi-ready smile? With veneers, you’re just steps away from turning the spotlight onto you.



Veneers aren’t just about aesthetics; they’re about confidence, first impressions, and feeling like a million bucks every time you flash that smile. So, whether you’re hitting the red carpet, or just zooming in for a work call, let your teeth do the talking. Wilshire Smile Studio is here to roll out the red carpet for your new, dazzling smile. Lights, camera, action!

Book your free consultation with us online or call (323) DENTIST (323-336-8478) today.

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