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Veneers Question and Answers

Why should I get dental veneers?

It is a relatively simple, painless, and cost-effective way to greatly improve a smile. Dental veneers can cover up problems such as having gaps in your teeth, some that are misaligned, individual teeth that are misshapen, and others that are worn down, chipped, and cracked, or discolored (naturally or due to consuming certain foods and beverages). You may just feel that your teeth either seem too short (not giving you a full smile) or too long (resulting in a toothy smile). Veneers can also improve your bite, so it is easier to chew and to keep your oral health in tip-top shape. Make an appointment to find out if veneers would help give you that winning smile which will boost your confidence in your personal life and career.


If I only need a few veneers, can the shade be truly matched with my natural teeth?

Wilshire Smile Studio can match anyone\’s shade, with the help of the best laboratory technicians who will craft the veneers to your exact specifications. You may not feel you need to have veneers beyond the upper and lower front few teeth that show when you smile, but you want to have them gleam like a Hollywood celebrity. Or you may want veneers on the troubled ones that are so natural-looking and translucent that no one would know you weren’t born with them. You are in complete control of the solution to any smile that could use an upgrade.


Do I need to have my teeth whitened in advance of getting veneers? And how do I keep them white?

Most patients do need some professional whitening because of the staining caused by coffee, tea, red wine, certain mouthwashes, taking the antibiotic tetracycline, smoking, or just aging. Also, if a tooth root has died, it will be dark and may show through the veneer, or if it was treated, the enamel may no longer adequately mask the yellow dentin underneath.  Natural teeth should be whitened to the color chosen for veneers, then let the whitening settle in before finalizing the shade before fabrication by the dental lab. Veneers can maintain their color for as long as 10 years, starting with choosing the right material (Wilshire Smile Studio specializes in biocompatible porcelain, rather than inferior products some other practices use). Of course, you need to continue to brush all your teeth twice a day and floss once, as well as have our hygienist clean your teeth and gums every six months. Over-the-counter whiteners do not affect the color of your veneers, but they can help natural teeth maintain the same shade.


If I choose to have veneers, what do I need to do to keep them from cracking or being chipped?

In the first weeks after placement, you should be careful about eating foods such as popcorn, hard candy, apples, nuts, seeds, or hard biscuits. You should completely stop nail-biting, chewing on pens, pencils, or eating utensils, opening bags with the teeth that have veneers, or pulling on clothing or gloves with your teeth. Also, if you sometimes grind your teeth when you sleep, have Wilshire Smile Studio provide you with a custom night mouthguard.


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