If You Have an Overly Gummy Smile, Wilshire Smile Has Several Ways To Make It More Attractive

Wilshire Smile Studio 9 News 9 If You Have an Overly Gummy Smile, Wilshire Smile Has Several Ways To Make It More Attractive

About 14% of women and 7% of men hesitate to fully smile or laugh heartily because they know that when they do, they will show an unusual amount of gum compared with the average person. This is known as having a “gummy smile,” not one that is considered beautiful by most people, and self-confidence depends a lot on having a smile you can be proud of.


This can occur for a number of reasons including having short or inactive upper lip muscles, which lift the lips higher than normal, or an unusually large upper jawbone that pushes lips down, more than average gum growth, or permanent teeth that did not emerge fully.

The ideal position for the upper lip when you smile is generally considered to just rest level where your gums meet your two front teeth. There are several ways that Wilshire Smile Studio can help, sometimes by combining multiple procedures.


One way to create a smile that is less gummy is to surgically remove some of the gums, known as crown lengthening, especially when the teeth are especially short. A gummy smile can also be reduced by suturing the lip to the gums, limiting movement. Either of these procedures is usually minor and done with local anesthesia by either our periodontist or oral surgeon.


In many cases, your new smile may just need to be whitened with one of several options. Others may require porcelain veneers to be affixed to the front of teeth to cover severely discolored ones, hide chips or cracks, improve shape, or cover gaps. Invisalign orthodontic trays are helpful to straighten crooked teeth.

To find out your best options for achieving your perfect smile, call Wilshire Smile Studio  today to set an appointment for a full dental examination.

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