Invisalign Is the Easy and Painless Way to Straighten Your Teeth

Wilshire Smile Studio 9 News 9 Invisalign Is the Easy and Painless Way to Straighten Your Teeth
It used to be that kids dreaded being teased for having to wear traditional orthodontic braces.

The wires were uncomfortable and sometimes painful, they often irritated the tongue, and caused speech impediments. It was very difficult to eat the foods they wanted and still keep their teeth clean, creating a constant battle with gum inflammation.

Invisalign invisible orthodontic trays have done away with all that, for children and the increasing number of adults who want to straighten crooked smiles. The dentists and staff at Wilshire Smile Studio are Invisalign specialists who can guide you through a process that takes six months to two years, compared with the two or three years for many cases in which metal braces are used.

Especially complicated orthodontic cases may not be suitable for Invisalign treatment, so an initial examination by our dentist is necessary. However, most patients are eager to start the straightening process ASAP. Once you agree to go ahead, we will use a scanner to create an image of your mouth. Based on this, we will provide you with your initial personalized set of transparent trays (also known as align