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Your Advantages In Being Treated At A Multi-Specialty Dental Office

Wilshire Smile Studio has a reputation for having one of the best multi-specialty dental practices in the Greater Los Angeles area. That\’s quite something when you consider the L.A. is the most sophisticated center for dentistry in the world, thanks to the influence and affluence of Hollywood. It sets the standards and trends for everything from the materials for the best cosmetic dentistry to the use of lasers for everything from whitening teeth to gum surgery.

If you search online for a particular dental need, you may be directed to a specialist–say, an oral surgeon to do dental implants or an orthodontist to straighten your smile. But even if the search engine somehow gives you the best ideas, that does not mean going to each expert is the best approach for your oral health. Visiting different offices can lead to a lack of guidance for your overall oral health needs and goals. A multi-specialty practice brings together in the same office the specialists who will work with the general dentist, who oversees all aspects of your care.


Benefits of a Multi-Specialty Dental Office

Having everyone working together allows us to collaborate closely and efficiently with each other and you about the best customized plan for your needs, desires, and unique oral health status. Otherwise, you might have to visit two or three practices, working with practitioners who don\’t know each other well and have different communication styles. Relying on phone calls and emails between gaps in visits to each office can delay treatment and lead to misunderstandings. A multi-specialty practice minimizes chances for unintended errors. If something needs to be done, we can usually take care of it right away, rather than waiting for an appointment at another office.

You can check out the experience and credentials of all our dentists under About:

Dr. Igal Elyassi, a graduate of the University of Southern California in general dentistry, founded Wilshire Smile Studio in 2002 and oversees the treatment of all patients, employing only the very best general dentists, specialists, assistants, hygienists, technicians, and staff.

Dr. Baruch Twersky earned his Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry from the University of Pennsylvania and has four decades of experience, with special expertise in reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry, as well as Invisalign orthodontic therapy. He is well-respected by other dentists for his attention to detail.

Dr. Nariman Saadat earned his general dentistry degree at U.C.L.A and his degree as an oral surgeon and medical doctor (a rare combination) from Oregon Health and Science University. He is highly trained in a wide array of oral and facial surgical treatments.

Dr. Talia Shainhouse received her training in general dentistry at the University of Toronto and her post-graduate degree in periodontology (the treatment of periodontal disease) at the New York University College of Dentistry. She has also taught at the U.C.L.A School of Dentistry.


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Of course, our dentists are supported by a well-trained team, including the front office staff helping you with everything from appointments to financing, the dental hygienist, and those who make sure the doctors have their tools and help you with diagnostic imaging.

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