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Cosmetic Dentistry Is an Affordable Way to Transform Your Life

There have been a lot of fictional medical shows on TV about some amazing procedure or medicine that saved or changed someone’s life. But real-world miracles happen daily at Wilshire Smile Studio.

Most Americans don\’t realize that good oral health is critical to their overall physical well-being. Periodontal bacteria can increase your risk for cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. We help you manage that threat and show you how to prevent everything from the pain of cavities to the difficulties created by missing teeth.

Just as important as your physical health is your self-confidence and cosmetic dentistry offers a way to literally present a new face to the world that is much less costly and easier than plastic surgery. As we all know, everyone tends to judge others by appearance and a great grin makes a good first impression and lights up later encounters.


There are many ways to upgrade your smile, thanks to the dental technological revolution of recent years:

Professional Whitening: As you probably know, over-the-counter whitening products don\’t really do a good job of removing stains that might accumulate from drinking coffee, tea, and red wine, or are due to smoking or a side effect of medication. We use a hydrogen peroxide gel that is activated by a high-intensity light which enables it to penetrate the surface enamel and even the dentin layer underneath. In one hour, as you relax in our chair and watch TV or listen to music, we can remove up to 8 shades of discoloration.

Porcelain veneers: These thin pieces of strong dental ceramic can be bonded to the front of teeth that are cracked or have been chipped, have deep discoloration that whitening can\’t remove, or are either too small or too big compared to neighboring teeth. Gaps between teeth and those that are misaligned can be covered. You choose the shade you want, either matching neighboring teeth or a whiter, more gleaming smile for all those that show.

Crowns: If the tops of some of your teeth have been reduced by grinding them while you sleep, we can cap them with crowns of dental porcelain that look just like natural teeth. We will give you a night mouth guard to wear to protect them. A crown can also be placed over a tooth that has been cracked in order to hold it together or on top of one that has had a root canal, causing it to lose much of its structure.

Implants: Dental implants with crowns look like real teeth, but are anchored into the jaw to replace teeth that fell out or had to be extracted. They can last 10-20 years or more and are much better cosmetically and functionally than dentures, especially since they slow the natural erosion of the jawbone (dentures have to be adjusted every few years to changes in the mouth).

Invisalign: If you have crooked teeth, even as an adult you can have this much easier process of straightening them than traditional orthodontics. You simply wear clear plastic oral trays known as aligners that are replaced every 6-8 weeks, which gently push your teeth into their ideal positions.

Set an appointment today have one of our dentists provide a comprehensive exam and recommend options for achieving your new, beautiful smile.

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