Customized Mouthguards Are Vital for All Athletes, Not Just the Pros, Says Wilshire Smile Studio

Wilshire Smile Studio 9 News 9 Customized Mouthguards Are Vital for All Athletes, Not Just the Pros, Says Wilshire Smile Studio

Many Americans mistakenly believe that protective mouthguards are just for professional players and mainly for so-called “contact sports.” The National Federation of State High School Associations only mandates them for football, ice and field hockey, and lacrosse. Despite  the National Football League requirement that its players wear mouthguards, only 25% of those playing football in high school do.


As the American Dental Association notes, there are 15 million dental injuries from sports each year, including five million teeth that are lost. According to the National Youth Sports Federation, there is a 45% lifetime risk of amateur athletes suffering a facial or dental injury. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that all young people participating in any organized sports wear a mouthguard.


Basketball actually has the highest rate of facial injury, but Steph Curry of the National Basketball Association’s Golden State Warriors has helped popularize mouthguards because he always protects himself. His influence on both professional athletes and amateurs is enormous as one of the sport’s greatest players of all time, with four championships, a regular season NBA Most Valuable Player twice, an eight-time All-Star selection, and Finals MVP Award.


Wilshire Smile Studio treats many sports injuries each year, which can also come from biking, baseball, gymnastics, boxing, or skateboarding. Mouthguards can absorb the shock of a blow and protect the soft tissues of the mouth, preventing injuries such as fracture, head trauma, and jaw dislocation. Dental work is also less likely to be damaged.

But not all mouthguards are alike. Over-the-counter ones, even those which are supposedly customized by putting them in hot water, do not fit properly, are not comfortable, and can result in damage to teeth and dental work. Wilshire Smile Studio’s personalized sports mouthguards provide all the protection athletes of any age in any sport need. 

If you, a family member, or friend play any kind of sport, call 323-DENTIST to set an appointment for a full dental exam to find out if a customized mouthguard will provide the needed protection….before it is too late.

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